Wallace - "playing with fire"

"Wallace alternates between finger-picking and strumming on a guitar, doing both masterfully, with harmonica and tambourine the only other instruments on this folk/blues/acoustic grunge EP (5 tracks). "So long" is a twangy amped up, almost punk, acoustic blues, while "all for tonight" reminds me of Eddie Vedder's solo music. I can't wait to hear what Wallace's next album will bring." - Lazlo

When Wallace takes the stage, it is as though he has saved up all of his demons only to release them during the course of his musical set... and then calmly walk back stage back to the ordinary. Musically, Wallace seethes, rages and laments, finding tremendous emotional peaks and valleys using only his tenor voice, harmonica and acoustic guitar. Whether he begins a set in hushed tones or with a rock and roll howl, he immediately perks up the ears of everyone within earshot.

Combine the brooding sultriness of Jim Morrison with a post-grunge take on the Neil Young album Rust and you have Wallace's Playing With Fire. It presents a very accurate depiction of a live Wallace set, which proves to be organic, warm and alive, riveting in its own stark musical space and rife with exorcisms.

Wallace, born and raised in rural New England is a New York City based singer/songwriter currently promoting his self-released album Playing With Fire.

"Everything in a fiendish moderation," Wallace said, "I feel like getting all my demons out today."