Rosewood Ghosts - "Rosewood Ghosts"

"From the ashes of Hoboken, NJ band, Bill Owens Five, comes an even better band in Rosewood Ghosts. I liked Bill Owens Five's catchy roots/southern rock (or as they put it, "post classic rock"), but the songs that the Rosewood Ghosts have on their self-titled debut have that added something that makes the songs more memorable. Not one bum track on this album, it's solid from beginning to end." - Lazlo

Rosewood Ghosts is an original post classic rock band from Hoboken, NJ. Born from six musicians who grew up listening to their parents record collections, they have forged a sound that evokes the spirit of classic bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin & The Beatles, as well as contemporaries like Wilco, Pearl Jam & The Black Crowes, all while spawning a unique creative direction of its own. With such a wide range of influences, their self proclaimed genre and catch phrase – Post Classic Rock: Music from the people who bought the records of the people who brought you classic rock – is their best known sonic identifier.

The roots of the band stem from another Hoboken-based band called the Bill Owens Five. For four years, they had been shaking venues up and down the east coast and beyond. In early 2009, the original four members (Jamie DiTringo, Joe Montague, Adam Weissman, Steve Brown) teamed up with Matt Teitelman and Saul Slotnick to form their hottest incarnation yet. The output was so inspired that a new name for the project was in order… thus Rosewood Ghosts was born.

Rosewood Ghosts is…
Jamie DiTringo: Guitars, Vocals
Joe Montague: Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Adam Weissman: Keys, Vocals
Steve Brown: Bass
Matt Teitelman: Drums
Saul Slotnick: Guitars
Eric Walden: Lap Steel, Vocals