Darynyck - "the sasquatch sessions 2001-2005"

"2 discs, each clocking in at around 25 minutes, make up "the sasquatch sessions", a wonderful acoustic based pop collection. Listening to this album made me feel like I was sitting around a camp fire on a beach on a nice spring evening. Nice, very nice, indeed." - Lazlo

Emerging from suburban Toledo, OH, DARYNYCK has been bobbing heads and twitching legs of friends, strangers & local rockshow patrons since 2005 with their uniquely straightforward lo-fi-indie-pop-folk-rock-ish sound. The group is comprised of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists DARYN & NYCK. Their goal is to write memorable tunes with simple melodies that will persist in the listener's head, thanks to DARYN's attention to song arrangement and perfectionist attitude, and NYCK'S innate ability to harmonize and create exceptionally original melodies.

With influences ranging from the 1950s to the 2000s -- from the Beatles/Buddy Holly/Lovin' Spoonful to Elliot Smith/Guster/Coldplay/Fountains of Wayne/Green Day -- DARYNYCK'S sound can certainly be classified as "pop". They have no intention of blowing minds with complex guitar riffs and overly profound lyrics, and believe in a traditional songwriting approach: simple chords, memorable melodies, and a solid percussive beat. DARYNYCK's songs, with catchy hooks and easy-to-identify-with lyrics, parallel the boys' relaxed yet contemplative attitudes toward life, love and everyday occurrences. Their lo-fi, DIY recording process emphasizes songwriting over flashy, expensive equipment. However, DARYN is meticulous when it comes to song production, spending hours mixing, layering tracks, and experimenting with different sounds & effects. This combination of simple songwriting yet complex production results in a pleasantly uncommon listening experience.

For the live show, DARYN & NYCK share lead vocal duties while swapping guitar & drums throughout the set. A DARYNYCK performance may include any of the following: acoustic & electric guitars, bass, drums, handheld percussion, harmonica, trumpet, recorder, keyboard, and/or electronic drum loops. Their acoustic shows include various percussion instruments: djembe, water jug, tambourine, egg shakers & maracas. NYCK'S whistling solos and falsetto harmonies add to the unique--yet strangely familiar--well-arranged and raw DARYNYCK sound.

When DARYN & NYCK first met as 2nd grade soccer teammates, they had no idea that their shared interests in He-Man and Sasquatch would eventually become shared interests in singing and songwriting. Fast-forward to junior year of high school when DARYN's fledgling guitar skills and NYCK's band & choir background led to a few homemade recordings and an unofficial musical partnership. Two college educations, a dismantled cover band, and countless temp jobs later, DARYN and NYCK began to write and record again in late 2005, and their musical team was officially formed. They made a name for themselves in their hometown local Toledo music scene throughout 2006, and 2007 brought them to Columbus where they quickly began playing local clubs. DARYNYCK's official debut, "The Sasquatch Sessions: 2001-2005, Vols. I & II", is a 17-song double-disc compilation of some of their earliest songs, and was released in Spring 2008.