Paul Rosevear - "broken nosed poetry"

"Readymade Breakup's frontman showcases his singer-songwriter side, with five laidback acoustic songs that feel very intimate. Just a wonderful EP, from beginning to end." - Lazlo

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Asbury Park's acclaimed songwriter/frontman Paul Rosevear (Readymade Breakup, The Blakes) has long been lauded as one of the Garden State's boldest talents. Through 2009, Paul toured with Readymade Breakup, including spirited performances at Austin's SXSW festival that left fans and taste makers buzzing. Paul is a prolific creator and is always hungry for finding new ways to express himself through music. He has faithfully nurtured his following of fans, friends and supporters over the years.

Paulís latest release, Broken Nosed Poetry, is his debut recording as a solo artist. The 5-song EP is a stripped down collection of songs that offers the most intimate look at Paul's work and life thus far. Recorded by Ian Larkin (Alicia Keys, A.C. Newman) and mixed by Joel Hamilton (Nina Simone, The Black Keys, Tom Waits), the EP will be available on iTunes March 9th.