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a rough, rough day on a bridge in the rain- the wall of sound sessions

1. walking shoes (right click & "save as")

2. as i am (mandolin version) (right click & "save as")

3. all across the cities (old lyrics) (right click & "save as")

4. everyman's blues (alternate take) (right click & "save as")

5. blues improv in G (right click & "save as")

6. ha'penny beggars (right click & "save as")

Never enough time to do all the things you want to do as an artist. There is always some project that takes priority, or some job that needs to be done that is dreadful, but will pay the ever expanding phone bill and such. With me, I am always broke, and always about to launch into something else, so what happens? Well some of the tunes on this album, that's what. I spent a lot of time over the last couple years, sitting in the basement of the Wall of Sound studios in New Brunswick, NJ putting down tunes that never really amounted to much other than personal demos and songwriting exercises. Some things were good, some things were bad and well, somethings were just funny, but The Lyonhart, my engineer and producer over there, was always supportive. So, since I am in between traditional hard copy albums right now, and since I wanted to kinda "clear out the closet" creatively, and give some of these dusty tunes some life since I do play them live, I present to you with the help of BlowupRadio and the Lyonhart, my new collection of songs, "a rough, rough day on a bridge in the rain-the Wall of Sound Sessions".
It's casual, it's pretty, it's ugly, it's ugly and it's free:)
I hope it amuses you somehow.