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...robots will kill you!!!

1. requiem for a dying world (right click & "save as")
2. bolted (right click & "save as")
3. eat shit, you're twisted (right click & "save as")
4. clorox (right click & "save as")

Funch is a New Jersey band influenced by the spirit of rock and roll as it was established in the 1950s by artists such as Little Richard and The Teenagers. Equal influence comes from the punk and metallic rock of the late 1970s and early 80s: early Ramones and Misfits, Black Sabbath, the Bad Brains, the Paul DiAnno era Iron Maiden, early GBH, early Motorhead...

We have remained friends for many years. This band is a labor of love (love for music) that has kept our friendships solid since 1994 when the band began. We do not play for money or to get “signed” or anything else other than making the best possible street rock and roll we can muster up.