Logs In The Mainstream - "the ridiculous and the sublime"

Logs In The Mainstream return with a new line-up, and a new expansion of their previous sound with permanent drummer added in to a mix which already includes guitar, bass, percussion and other elements.

On their last album, "The Self, The Shelf, and The Store", I felt that while I loved the album, it was a weighty/heavy album both musically and lyrically. With "the ridiculous and the sublime" some of the lyrics are heavier than others, but the music feels for the most part to be more upbeat, and...I shudder to use this word lest it be taken out of context, but light in the sense of not being heavy (certainly note lite-fm type of lite).

Possibly the most notable song on this album is the album's closer, "another logs in the mainstream song", which has lyrics about how their songs aren't sing-alongable, but "the ridiculous and the sublime" does seem to be a sing-along pop album, while maintaining the oddness that Logs have always been.

The not so light moments lyrically on the album, which include "don't come to Maryland", and "tequilla & power tools", mixed with the more serious tunes, show the type of depth that have made Barenaked Ladies and They Might Be Giants popular for years. I can only hope that Logs In The Mainstream find that level of fandom with this album.