Notes From The Den 5-26-08

Hey Den-ziens,

We're giving stuff away this week at Lazlo's Den!

Go to right now to enter to win one of three copies of BONERAMA's CD, "bringing it home". Bonerama is an amazing New Orleans Brass Funk Rock outfit, that in addition to having some great songs of their own do some very interesting takes on songs like Led Zepplin's "ocean", and The Beatles's "helter skelter". And don't miss Bonerama live at Michael Arnone's Crawfish Festival on 6/1.


I hope everyone enjoyed the 2 day WE Fest pre-show that we did last Wednesday & Thursday on Lazlo's Den. And maybe you tuned into on Friday night when Jim Testa ( did a live webcast from WE Fest. It was the first of hopefully many live webcasts coming to

Also be on the lookout as I may cut into the webcast live at any time to DJ in real time.


The next & Lazlo's Den Free Concert at Buddie's Tavern will be on Saturday June 28th and will feature sets by Agency, Keith Monacchio (from The Commons), and Matt Colligan.


New Music Tuesday on Lazlo's Den will feature tunes from Elizabeth G. Lewis, Valient Thorr, Vic Kingsley, and more.


And now it's time for this week's Pissed Off!

It's Memorial Day today, a day when we should all take a moment to remember those that have died to protect our freedom in this country.

Many of us are against our current quagmire in Iraq, but I know we all still respect the men & women who are over there. It's not their fault that our government fictionalized the truth to start a war in Iraq for their own personal reasons.

But it is because I live in the United States Of America, and because of the brave men & women that have fought to protect this country, that I can voice my dissent for the Iraq war, and refer to the guy in charge of our country as Dipshit W.

That is not something I take for granted. There are still many countries around the world where I could not say anything negative about the government without being thrown in jail or killed outright.

We're a democracy where we vote to elect our officials...

...or do we? Does our vote really count.

Yesterday I caught a chilling documentary on HBO called, "Hacking Democracy". The film shows inconsistencies in our last presidential election, and not only calls into question the computers that count election votes, but also the election supervisors and staff in various counties that are in charge of the tabulations.

It doesn't matter if you are a republican, democrat, or neither, if you believe in democracy, the values that countless men & women have fought to uphold for every American, than this documentary should scare and anger you.

Hacking Democracy will be on HBO again at the following times:

Thu 5/29 07:30 AM HBO - EAST
Thu 5/29 10:30 AM HBO - WEST
Sat 5/31 08:00 AM HBO SIGNATURE - EAST
Sat 5/31 11:00 AM HBO SIGNATURE - WEST
Mon 6/16 08:00 AM HBO2 - EAST

It is also available on DVD.

I highly recommend you watch this film.

You should also go to

Black Box Voting is the non-partisan elections watchdog group profiled in the documentary. They are true American heroes in my eyes.

They are trying to uphold the democracy that our men & women are fighting, and sadly dying, for.

While you are out barbequing, shopping, sitting on the beach, or however else you choose to celebrate Memorial Day, take a moment to remember the great men and women who have made it possible for us to be able to do all those things, but don't forget that just because they fight to ensure our freedom and democracy, doesn't mean we can turn a blind eye to what our government is doing that questions whether our democracy truly is.


That's all for this week.

Thanks for reading.