Notes From The Den 3-17-08

Hey Den-ziens,

It's NHL playoff time and let me just start off with my usual complain about the NHL...IT'S TIME TO RETRAIN THE REFS! I don't think any other professional sport has refs as bad as the NHL. It's a shame, and it's ruining the game I love.

Moving on...

Big thanks to everyone who came down to Buddie's Tavern on Saturday for the & Free Concert Series. Starting with a wonderful solo set from Kate Hart, ending with a exciting indie-rock set by Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans, and a stellar debut set from acoustic trio Alter Ego. If for some reason you weren't there, you missed one hell of a show.

I did have an odd moment on Saturday though. A guy comes over and says, "you're the legendary Lazlo?"

and I said, "well I'm Lazlo...far from legendary".

"Dude, I heard Howard Stern talking about you"

"I think you're mistaken"

"No, I'm not. Howard was doing a contest on indie bands and talking about you."

"Well, that's news to me."

"Dude, you're famous!"

The whole thing was really bizarre, and I'm still sure the guy has me confused with someone else, but if anyone can confirm what this guy says, please let me know.


The next the & Free Concert Series at Buddie's Tavern will be an extra special, extra big show on Saturday May 10th. It's my (Lazlo) Birthday Bash! We're starting early too (8pm), because we have 5 acts rocking my b-day bash: The Heshers, Mod Fun, The Successful Failures, Echofission, and Jim Testa! As always, the show is FREE, so mark down May 10th, and I'll see you at Buddie's Tavern.

If you missed the in-studio interview with Echofission that aired on Lazlo's Den last week, you can now stream it in the Interview Archive at

And while you're at, you can read new reviews of CDs by Paul Sanchez, The Groucho Marxists, and Thing One.

I'd love to tell you everything you've been missing if you haven't been listening to Lazlo's Den, but I would be typing a novel. So to keep me from getting carpal tunnel syndrome, just tune in every weeknight at 8pm ET on or, and if you miss one during the week you can hear all five shows every Saturday beginning at noon ET on

This week we have a very special guest Pissed Off! from Mike Random from Six To Eight Mathematics (

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So Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently warned of the country’s shrinking economy. He all but said we’re heading into a recession due to the growing housing, credit and financial crisis. Is it just me or aren't we in a recession already? The signs are all around.

Here in New Jersey, costs for services have been increasing for the past several months, and more and more jobs continue to be cut. I’ve personally experienced a job loss this year and apparently I’m not the only one. The entire retail division of the company I was employed at was shut down, displacing a large number of experienced workers. While networking, I encountered several fellow industry workers who experienced similar happenings at their company. We’re not talking first-year post-grads; these were employees with 10 or more years of service behind them. While it may be somewhat comforting to have so many people in the same boat as you are, it also means more competition for the few jobs that are out there. And it’s not just this industry; all are affected to some degree. Scores of businesses are leaving the state, once known for cradling the Industrial Revolution in America. While some big pharmaceutical companies call Jersey home, the state’s primary resource is agriculture. However, crop production has decreased, and old farmsteads are being bought by greedy developers (do not get me started on them!) who build monstrous housing complexes that wind up sitting idle and unoccupied because no one can afford to live in them anymore, and NOW our governor wants to eliminate the agricultural department to cut costs??!! Our state is in crisis, and the powers that be are continuing to create an economic climate that favors the upper class, all but shutting out the middle and lower classes which make up a large part of the population! We don’t all live in Alpine or Short Hills!!

So what to do, what to think? Between job loss and mass foreclosures, it’s pretty unstable here in NJ. Now the four of us fund the band ourselves, as do many local bands here. We get what we get from CD sales and once in a while from a paying gig, but for the most part it comes out of our pockets. Don’t get me wrong, we do this out of love for the music, the challenge is how to balance this and our home life responsibilities (rent, spouses/significant others, medical, utilities, etc.). We’ve done it this whole time, but its stretching a bit tight these days. How is it in your neck of the woods? How’s the economy in your state, or country? Let us know, we’d love to hear.

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