Notes From The Den 4-13-09

Hey Den-ziens,

This Sunday, April 19th, is the debut of The Guitar Pull with special guests Joshua Van Ness, Jonathan Andrew, and Nick Ferriero.

They once all played together in Souls’ Release, but this Sunday afternoon at 3pm ET they’ll be hanging out each playing their own songs round-robin style, and talking about music.

More information can be found at


Tonight (Monday) on Lazlo’s Den, an interview with Julie (the band). Find out the story behind a band of guys naming themselves after a girl, and lots more about this exciting band.


Thanks to everyone who came down to Buddie’s Tavern over the weekend for the Free Concert Series. Three amazing sets by three amazing bands (Deena & The Laughing Boys, Jon Caspi Band, and Randy Morning Band), and as always Tony & Wayne did an amazing job with the sound.

The next Free Concert Series show at Buddie’s Tavern will be my (Lazlo) Birthday Bash! Saturday May 16th! This bash will be rocking, with sets by The Heshers, Nerve Tonic, and The Break Evens.

So mark your calendars to come out and help me celebrate!


Here’s the programming schedule:

Monday thru Friday at 8pm ET - Lazlo’s Den

As always, Lazlo’s Den will also do ‘New Music Tuesday’, and continue the ‘CD Library Project’, and Thursday night we’ll give you a preview of shows happening over the weekend in the NJ/NYC area.

New Music Tuesday this week will feature new music from THE WINTER SOUNDS!!! (they put out my favorite album of 2007, just got their new album and it‘s amazing!) Also, 1090 Club, Brother Joscephus, Razorlight, Marsupial, Gary Hirstius, Fellaheen, and more!

And don’t forget about our other shows on

Tuesday at 10pm ET - ‘Your Friends & Neighbors’ hosted by Tris McCall

Thursday at 10pm ET - ‘Rock N Roll Gas Station’ hosted by Jim Testa


I (Lazlo), am now on Twitter. That's right, I figured if congress was doing that it's unhip enough for me to do it to ;)

I'll be posting random thoughts about music and other things on there. So go to and follow me on Twitter


Download free music from

Gary Paul Hermus, "Xanadu From Outer Space" song

Woodfish, "Bamm Diddley" album.

Free music, now at

Bands, if you'd like to put up a free download on or, please contact me.


And now for this week’s Pissed Off!

A few weeks back in this column you saw me complain about U2's press releases claiming that Giants Stadium is in New York.

I received a lot of positive feedback on this particular rant.

Among them were a few comments on another blatant mischaracterization of NY/NJ, and that is bands from new Jersey that claim to be from New York City. I see it all the time in bios on band's websites, and on social networking sites. Bands who I know for a fact are from NJ...bands who send me CDs to be played on, whose cover sheet says they are from NJ and whose mailing address and phone number are in NJ, but whose bio behind the cover sheet says NYC on it...these bands are apparently ashamed to be from the Garden State.

I could name some of these bands, but I won't. They know who they are, and they may even be reading this rant.

Know this, any band that sends me a CD that says they are from NYC when it's obvious they are from NJ (or says they are from Philly, when it's obvious they are from NJ), will not get played on (although they may be played on Lazlo's Den at my discretion).

Do these bands think they are cooler, or will garner more attention saying that they are from NYC?

I'm proud to be a NJ resident, and so should they.

New Jersey has wonderful diversity in music. We have everything: classical, jazz, rock, folk, punk, rap, etc., every style of music imaginable is well represented in our music scene. Be proud to be a part of that.

NYC's music scene is diverse too, but for a scene locked into a smaller space, NYC does not have a unified scene. Neither does NJ as a whole, but I've seen the Asbury Park scene, the New Brunswick scene, the Hoboken scene, and many other scenes, where the bands are unified and friends, regardless of the differences in sound.

Let's try to make that our focus, unifying our scene, rather than being ashamed and wanting to be part of another state's scene.

Shame on you bands. New Jersey Rocks! Be Proud!


That's all for this week.

Thanks for reading.