Notes From The Den 3-17-08

Hello Den-ziens,

Before I get into my usual rant that opens the newsletter, I figured I'd start off with the most important news of this week.

The next & Lazlo's Den Free Concert at Buddie's Tavern is this Saturday, March 22nd. This very special show will be 4 sets by 4 great acoustic artists. The show will start at 9pm sharp with a set from Chris Collins (the drummer from Mod Fun, only on this night he will be showcasing his original blues music), and followed by sets from Joshua Van Ness (formerly of Souls' Release, and Van Ness), J Stanley (formerly of Outcry, Gypsy Cab Drivers), and the pop punk rock of Kate Hart. I'm really excited about this line-up and I hope all of you are too.

I know gas prices are high and people don't have extra cash, that's why not only is the & Lazlo's Den concert series at Buddie's Tavern (277 Johnsons Ln, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ) FREE, but this month, I'll also be giving away free CDs at the show. I have a bunch of great albums sitting here in the prize vault, and I'll be bringing them to the show Saturday to give out to all attendees. So come out for free CDs and a great night of acoustic rock.

Now onto my rant.


Here's some interesting quotes from it...and my thoughts:

"Live Nation...announced today it has reached a long term agreement to exclusively book Asbury Park’s three best known music venues: the 1,600 capacity majestic Paramount Theater, the legendary 3,600 capacity Convention Hall and the world famous 850 capacity Stone Pony"

Now there is no denying that The Stone Pony is the best known venue in Asbury Park, but the Paramount Theater barely does any shows, and Convention Hall has to be one of the lousiest venues for sound quality that I have ever been to. It's basically a high school gym, and the sound echoes horribly. But more importantly, The Saint, and Asbury Lanes, I believe are much more well known then Convention Hall or the Paramount.

"Gary Mottola, President of Madison Marquette Investments, which together with Asbury Partners is undertaking the Asbury Park Waterfront Redevelopment, stated: “We’ve always believed that music is the foundational spirit of Asbury Park and that honoring its musical heritage is a key to the revitalization."

Really? So a few years ago when the community had to band together to save the Stone Pony from being demolished as part of the redevelopment project, that was part of keeping music in Asbury Park?

Or how about the fact that in the last 5 years, The Wonder Bar, The Fast Lane, and The Baronet Theater, all were re-opened, only to be closed down by the Asbury Partners. Is that keeping music, "the foundational spirit of Asbury Park"? More like making it a spirit...the ghost of Asbury Park's past.

Look, I truly hope that Live Nation brings some good acts to Asbury Park and does help to keep music alive in city...they're off to a good start with Lou Reed coming to the Paramount, but that's no excuse for the blatant misrepresentations in this press release.

In other Lazlo's Den news:

Lots of new reviews on New CD reviews of albums from Second Dan, BoDeans, and P. Hux. New DVD reviews of Once, and The Name Of The Band Is Cowboy Mouth. Check 'em out.

And while you're at don't forget to download the March / April 2008 New Music Sampler. It's FREE, and features new music from: Bushwhack, Mazeffect, The Majestic Twelve, I/O/I, Chris Collins, Vicky Emerson, Billie Burke Estate, Blank Pages, Fiskum, Brian Vander Ark, Nerve Tonic, and Slappy.

Did you miss the interview with The Verve Pipe frontman Brian Vander Ark on Lazlo's Den last week? Well good news, it's now up in the interview archive at

That's all for this week.

Thanks for reading.