Notes From The Den 3-16-09

Hey Den-ziens,

First off, big time congrats to NJ Devils legendary goaltender Matin Brodeur for tying the most career wins by a goalie record (551 wins)! And fuck you to the American news media for not covering this historic record.

Let’s see if the media covers when he breaks the record, which could happen as early as tomorrow (Tuesday).


Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on

Monday thru Friday at 8pm ET - Lazlo’s Den

As always, Lazlo’s Den will also do ‘New Music Tuesday’, and continue the ‘CD Library Project’, and Thursday night we’ll give you a preview of shows happening over the weekend in the NJ/NYC area.

And don’t forget about our other shows on

Tuesday at 10pm ET - ‘Your Friends & Neighbors’ hosted by Tris McCall

Thursday at 10pm ET - ‘Rock N Roll Gas Station’ hosted by Jim Testa


The economy is shit, but is here to help. This Saturday is another Free Concert Series show at Buddie's Tavern. Featuring sets by Jonathan Andrew (catchy acoustic-pop), double-breasted (cello, harp, percussion, and their album came in at #13 on my top albums of 2008), and Echofission (whose album came in at #1 on my top albums of 2008). The show gets under way at 9 sharp, so show up early. Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ.

Come on out for a good time, and great rock!


Check out & to read Lazlo's new blog entry:

"Music You should Check Out (3/16/09)"

featuring reviews of the following CDs:






The response to the announcement of ‘The Guitar Pull’ has been outstanding!

It seems you are as excited about this new live series as I am.

The premiere of The Guitar Pull will happen at 3pm ET on Sunday April 19th, with Joshua Van Ness, Jonathan Andrew, Nick Ferriero.

The second Guitar Pull will happen just a few weeks later at 3pm ET on Sunday May 3rd, with Jim Testa, John Raido, and Matt Colligan.

And the June show will be announced very soon to.

So mark your calendar now for what is going to be an incredible afternoon.

Remember, all Guitar Pulls will be broadcast live exclusively on


And now for this week’s Pissed Off!

There’s a new rule here at & Lazlo’s Den, so I hope anyone who is planning to send us a CD will take note of this.

I love to get new music. I crave new music, and I love playing good new music for you all. I also understand that often times I will get CDRs and otherwise self-made CDs. I’ve received some really great music this way, so I in no way want to stop people from sending me CDRs.

However, when you send me a CD, here’s a good rule of thumb…DON’T SMOKE CIGARETTES ALL OVER THE CDR AND CD CASE!

I respect people’s right to smoke, but please respect my right not to want to open up a package and pull out a CD that smells like an ash tray.

If you were listening to Lazlo’s Den last week you heard me rant about this, because I received a CD from a NJ band, Bullet Train, that literally had me choking on the air as I opened the case to put the CD on. Several sprays of a deodorizing product and the CD and case now smells like the deodorizer (which is only a slightly less offensive sent).

So that gets me to the new rule:

If you send me a CD and it smells like an ash tray, I won’t open it, I won’t listen to it, it’s going into the trash can. I don’t care if you’re the next Beatles. If you can’t put together a CD without smoking all over it, then I’m not interested.

Thank you!


That's all for this week.

Thanks for reading.