Notes From The Den 3-10-08

Hello Den-ziens,

Tonight is the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies, and I must admit that I am a bit confused. The musicians being inducted this year are Leonard Cohen, The Dave Clark Five, John Mellencamp (what no Cougar?), The Ventures...and Madonna ?!?

Now really, is Madonna rock? I may not be a fan of Madonna, but I respect that she's now had a career of pop hits that have run for 25 years. The key word though is "pop". She's a pop star, not a rock star. You can listen to the other 4 inductees and their music is timeless and still sounds great today. Can you really say that of Madonna's music? Her music is very much of the time in which is was made, and while you may still be a fan of a song like "holiday", let's be honest, it sounds like 1983, and if it was released for the first time today it would sounds like an out of date retro cut. However, John Mellencamp's, "pink houses", also released in 1983, still sounds as fresh today as it did 25 years ago.

If there was a Pop Music Hall of Fame, I'd be all for Madonna being inducted, but the Rock & Roll Hall of just seems to undermine the credibility of the R&R Hall of Fame. Who's next, The Village People?

Maybe I should start a Lazlo's Den Hall Of Fame...actually that may not be a bad idea. Let people nominate important bands past and present that largely fly under the commercial radar and then every month I can let you vote for 1 of say 5 bands to be inducted. I'd love to get some feedback on this idea, as it's definitely in the infancy stage. E-mail me with your thoughts.

In other Lazlo's Den news:

2 new CD reviews on of new albums from Echofission, and Nerve Tonic. Check 'em out.

And while you're at don't forget to download the March / April 2008 New Music Sampler. It's FREE, and features new music from: Bushwhack, Mazeffect, The Majestic Twelve, I/O/I, Chris Collins, Vicky Emerson, Billie Burke Estate, Blank Pages, Fiskum, Brian Vander Ark, Nerve Tonic, and Slappy.

And after you listen to Brian Vander Ark on the sampler, tune into Lazlo's Den on Wednesday night to hear an in-depth interview with Brian talking about his new solo album as well as his time as the frontman for The Verve Pipe.

The next & Lazlo's Den Free Concert at Buddie's Tavern will be on Saturday March 22nd. This very special show will be 4 sets by 4 great solo acoustic artists. The show will start at 9pm sharp with a set from Chris Collins (the drummer from Mod Fun, only on this night he will be showcasing his original blues music), and followed by sets from Joshua Van Ness (formerly of Souls' Release, and Van Ness), J Stanley (formerly of Outcry, Gypsy Cab Drivers), and the pop punk rock of Kate Hart. I'm really excited about this line-up and I hope all of you are too.

That's all for this week.

Thanks for reading.