Notes From The Den 2-25-08

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It's time for another Notes From the Den!

So the big movie awards were given out this weekend. Just about everyone knows the Oscars were on last night, and the media gave a good amount of coverage to the very silly Razzies, but yet again Indies (be it music, or in this case film), do not get the respect that is deserved. Unless you are a major fan of Independent cinema (as I am), or stumbled upon the coverage live on IFC (or later in the evening on AMC), you probably didn't realize that the Indie Spirit Awards took place Saturday afternoon. Why is it that this awards show, which is full of celebrities like the Oscars (only a much more fun awards show), gets no media coverage? Probably because indie music and cinema still do not get the respect that these true arts deserve.

Except with the big surprise win at the Oscars by Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová, for their beautiful song, "falling slowly" (and the wonderful speech by Markéta about indie music and film). So maybe there is hope yet, since the little indie that could beat the thrice nominated Enchanted (from the big evil Disney corporation).

Anyway, some news here at Lazlo's Den:

Lots of new CD reviews for you at NJ's own Divine Sign, Brian Vander Ark, and Switches, joins last week's new reviews from Mazeffect and Vicky Emerson .

Mazeffect was my in-studio guests on Lazlo's Den last week, and you can now stream that interview, as well as one with Anton Sword (also from last week), at And this Wednesday on Lazlo's Den will be an interview with Vicky Emerson.

This is the last week for you to get your free download of "Lazlo's Top 25 Albums of 2007 CD Sampler", containing music from The Winter Sounds, The Mother Hips, Paul Sanchez, The Successful Failures, The Future Kings Of Nowhere, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Drew & The Medicinal, Citizens Band Radio, The Go, Lifeguard Nights, Miles Hunt, Mike June & The Dirty Doves, Kosmic Daydream, and Slo-Mo.

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And check back at on March 1st to see the next free downloadable sampler CD. That's right, the free downloadable sampler CD was so popular that I've decided to keep it going as long as I can get good music to put on it for each one.

Speaking of music, in the past week I played new music from Sky Cries Mary, Divine Sign, BoDeans, The Young Punx, Whiskeytown (from the deluxe re-issue of "strangers almanac"), and Imaginary Johnny.

And this week will include a new exclusive live song from The Winter Sounds (of a new song not yet recorded for an album), as well as music from Your Vegas, The Joshua Cain Band, Echofission, and more.

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