Notes From The Den 2-18-08

Hello Den-ziens,

It's time for another Notes From the Den!

Happy President's Day!

Despite our current president, there are plenty of good presidents throughout our history that we should take the time to remember and celebrate.

It just struck me that while we've had musicians nicknamed the Boss and the Chairman of The Board, I can't recall any nicknamed the President.

Anyway, a few bits of news here at Lazlo's Den:

Wednesday night on Lazlo's Den will be a full hour with Jay & Mel from Mazeffect as my in-studio guests, talking about their new CD, "horseshoes & hand grenades", as well as the reunion of their former band, Slappy.

A few other guests should be calling in this week, including Vicky Emerson, Anton Sword, and Bob Burger (who is part of a breast caner benefit happening at Centro on Sunday). To find out when these interviews will air, keep an eye on

And while you're there, check out a couple of new CD reviews for new albums from Vicky Emerson and Mazeffect.

Also don't forget to get your free download of "Lazlo's Top 25 Albums of 2007 CD Sampler". It will only remain up on through the end of February.

In the past week on Lazlo's Den I've played new music from Nerve Tonic, Slappy, Martin Walker, Anton Sword, Fiore, Ginger Ninjas, Luthea Salom, Herbie Hancock, Particle Zoo, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

And we celebrated Valentine's Day with an interview with Eugene DeRobertis, Ph.D. author of The Loser Magnet Handbook. If you missed the interview you can stream it now in the interview archive at

In addition to the interviews this week on Lazlo's Den, I'll also be featuring new music from The Young Punx!, Counterfeit Molly, Imaginary Johnny, The Handcuffs, and more from The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

That's all for this week.

Thanks for reading.