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Newsletter 7-17-12

Hey Everyone,

Big thanks to Jon Caspi, Jason The First, and Pete Jager, for an awesome BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert @ Buddie’s Tavern last Saturday! Special thanks go out to Pete Jager who filled in on a day’s notice when a member of Sleepless Saints took ill. We will reschedule Sleepless Saints for another show soon.

Our next BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert @ Buddie’s Tavern will be on Saturday August 11th with Dr. Void & The Death Machines, Happy Joe, and Mike Ferraro!

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ


This October BANDING TOGETHER – A BENEFIT WEBATHON FOR THE SPONDYLITIS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA will returns to BlowUpRadio.com. Over 50 bands are already signed up to perform live during the webathon as we try to raise money to a cause near and dear to me (my wife suffers from ankylosing spondylitis). If you are a musician and want to be involved, e-mail me. We would love to have even more bands involved!

We’ll have more info as we get closer to October.

ABOUT SPONDYLITIS (from http://www.spondylitis.org)
Spondylitis (pronounced spon-d-lie-tiss) is the name given to a group of chronic or long lasting diseases. These diseases are forms of inflammatory arthritis that primarily affect the spine, although other joints and organs can become involved. Spondylitis, unlike many other rheumatic (arthritic) conditions, affects young adults and commonly begins before the age of 35. Prominent researchers have stated that AS affects at least 1 in every 200 adults (approximately 0.5%) making it as common as rheumatoid arthritis.
Although there is currently no known cure, there is much you can do to educate yourself regarding Spondylitis and its treatments. There have been significant advancements in medical treatments during recent years and there are treatment options for those afflicted that can reduce the pain and symptoms of Spondylitis.


Lazlo’s Corner

This week I am going to give a rundown of the highlights from the Warped Tour @ PNC Bank Arts Center.

You can read a more in-depth review from Jason Ingstrup, with photos by me, at:

SKINNY LISTER - As I said on Twitter, every year I discover a new band at the Warped Tour that I absolutely fall in love with. Discovering new bands is the main reason I go to this fest every year. With so many bands playing, the odds are I’ll discover something new I like. In this case, like is not strong enough, Skinny Lister were absolutely amazing. A five piece band with acoustic guitars, stand up bass, accordions, stomp boards(!), and a flirtatious female who not only sings along (occasionally taking lead vocal), but also dances along with the music. I picked up their self-titled EP right after their set, and amazingly, the EP captures perfectly the energy of their live set! That is such a rarity. (note: tyhey have a full CD out in the UK. Trying to find out if/when it will be released in the U.S.)
Look, I could probably write pages of raves about how you must see this band live and pick up their EP, but you can click on this link to hear “rollin’ over” from their EP:
If you love this song as much as I do, get yourself down to Camden on Friday when the Warped Tour rolls back thru NJ, and witness them live for yourself. Who knows when/if we’ll get to see them stateside again (hopefully soon!)

OBI FERNANDEZ - Another surprise, was discovering that Obi Fernandez was playing in the acoustic tent. I am a fan of Westbound Train, the band he fronts, but he will be releasing a solo album later this year. Obi graced the few of us who found his set with a mixture of new songs, and covers. His voice is pure soulful gold, mixed with some reggae flavor. The result is more Smokey Robinson than Bob Marley, but incorporates some of the best traits of both singers. It was a wonderful set.
You can download Obi Fernandez’s song, “pills” here:

BANGUPS - Two piece (guitar and drums) bluesy garage rockers. These guys gave 100%, starting the set playing to maybe 5 or 6 people, but by the end of their set having a huge crowd surrounding the stage. That is a testament to how compelling their set was (not to mention that I hugn around for the entire set instead of wandering to see who else was playing). Excellent music, stage presence, and all around set!
Check out their music here:

STEPDAD - Much like Obi, I came into Warped knowing this band, but having never seen them live. I love their album, “WILDLIFE POP”, with it’s 80’s synth-dance-rock, and frontman Ultramark’s vocal range. There songs have catchy hooks, and wonderful indie-pop sound. I also thoroughly enjoyed that Ultramark, who is a big guy with a bushy beard, was doing the same time of rock moves that a “pretty boy pop singer” would do. Somehow it looks so much cooler when Ultramark does it.
You can listen to their album, and download their first track for free, here:

There were other great bands who I only got to see part of their sets, like NJ’s own LOST IN SOCIETY, as well as, CANDY HEARTS, THE GREEN, that deserve mention, and a few bands whose names I did not catch (note to bands on the Warped Tour - either have a banner with your name behind you, or mention your name after each song).

As for the latest change in venue, PNC Bank Arts Center…it’s kind of a mix bag. It is nice to have the split stage under the dome with seating, but the food prices were outrageous ($7.75 for a slice of pizza…that didn’t look very appetizing). And I say this every year (but it hasn‘t made a difference yet), for a tour that always has a “go vegan” tent, they never have vegan food options!

The Arts Center also needs to better use the space. The entire lawn was empty, but all the tents were packed in tight, making it very difficult to move around as the day got later and more people showed up.

Even though a lot of the main stage bands were not my cup of tea, the Warped Tour is still a great value, because there are so many great discoveries to be made on the smaller stages. Thank you Warped Tour, though you have changed drastically over the years, you still bring the rock.

As I mentioned above, Warped Tour hits Camden on Friday, with many of the same bands involved, and Camden will also have The Darlings, and Hostage Calm, which sadly the Arts Center show did not.


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Skinny Lister - Skinny Lister

Caveman - coco beware

The Afghan Whigs - lovecrimes

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - making moves vol. 3

Mountain Station - red overalls

Rhett Miller - live at Eddie’s Attic

The Demos - primitive

The Helio Sequence - Negociations

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - little blue egg

Bomba De Luz - what a heavy weight

Timmy’s Organism - raw sewage roq

Gallon Drunk - the road gets darker from here

Cookie Monster - share it maybe

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