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Newsletter 5-29-12

Hey Everyone,

The next BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert @ Buddie’s Tavern:

Saturday June 23rd – Zigman Bird, John Rango & Friends, Mike Kovacs

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ


Lazlo’s Corner

There are many jokes about how bad actors are when they try make music, however, I have found that there are a lot of good actors that make music out there. The latest, JEREMY SISTO (Suburgatory, Law & Order, Six Feet Under), has seemingly gone out of his way to make it less obvious it is him. He calls his music project (and debut album), ESCAPE TAILOR, foregoing mentioning his name on the cover of the CD anywhere, and a photo of him on the cover is nearly unrecognizable due to a white wig and white face makeup (which matches how he looks in the video for, “just cuz”). He may be smart to do this because it allows you to judge his music on its merits and not on his fame, discounting any positive or negative bias you may have of him as an actor (or of actors trying to be musicians). I was sucked into the bluesy, folk-jazz tunes…kind of like a less raspy, more melancholy, Tom Waits. The arrangements and instrumentation are thankfully not overdone, which really makes this a very satisfying album. Don’t but this album because of who he is, buy it because it is really good.

Back in 1997 I went to Irving Plaza to see Janeane Garofalo & Friends, an evening of stand up comedy (followed by a rock set by the Breeders). Among the acts I saw that night was this new comedy folk rock duo, TENACIOUS D (more actor/musicianss). I instantly fell in love with their insane, perverted, fun blend of rock & roll with acoustic guitars. This very same band would go on to make the mediocre film “Pick Of Destiny” in 2006, something they openly attest to being a bomb in the opening title track to their new album, “RIZE OF THE FENIX”. Thankfully, this album is not a bomb, and much like their last album, is a fun electrified set of rock and roll about absurd, and sometimes raunchy, material (which includes the cover, which is a censored picture on most CD racks). Sure I miss the days of JB and KG acoustic, but they make good use of a backing band to try out sounds that they might not have been able to as a duo. In short, if you liked the D’s last album, definitely get this. If you didn’t, then this album is not likely to change you mind. They are who they are, and I am thankful for that.

THE MOTHER HIPS self released, “BACK TO THE GROTTO”, back in 1993, before signing with American (who subsequently did a small re-release of the album just before their, “part-timer goes full” album came out). The tragedy is, as I just re-listened to the album (which I have had since 1993), is that this album was really solid (maybe even more so as a whole than their subsequent major label albums). If you had to classify them, they would likely fall into the 90’s hippie-rock movement, or maybe I am thinking that because I saw them live on the HORDE tour, as they don’t overtly sound like any of the most popular 90’s hippie-rock bands (probably God Street Wine would be the closest). The good news is you can listen to it for yourself for free, and decide for yourself what they sound like…maybe good music is the best classification of all! Download “back to the grotto” here:

And I leave you this week with a video from New Jersey’s own NIKKI SUE & THE BAD NEWS, for their song, "LOWER PLACES", the title track from their awesome new album.
Stream the video here:
Download the album for “name your price” here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Paul Rosevear - true love

Husky - forever so

The Cribs - in the belly of the brazen bull

Black Pistol Fire - shut up!

Scott Lucas & The Married Men - blood half moon

The Late Show - portable pop

Eternal Summers - correct behavior

Tenacious D - rize of the fenix

Escape Tailor - Escape Tailor

My Brothers Banned - 5

Mother Hips - back to the grotto

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