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Newsletter 5-8-12

Hey Everyone,

Last Saturday was a bittersweet evening.

It was a wonderful BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert @ Buddie’s Tavern. Sun Puddles, The Timid Roosevelts, Black Wine, and The Tea & Whiskey all put on awesome sets, and enough of you showed up that Buddie’s really did take notice this time. if we can keep this type of crowd up every month we may be able to convince Buddie’s to do more live original music nights than just Saturdays.

But as I said, the night was bittersweet, because it was the last show for The Tea & Whiskey...and they went out with an amazing set! It doesn’t feel like too long ago that they did their first ever show at Buddie’s Tavern (it was actually several years ago), where they were rushing through their set. The songs, and talent was there, but they had not yet jelled fully into one singular force of rock & roll. They soon did and became one hell of a live band!

While The Tea & Whiskey are done, Scruff will be doing some solo shows soon. J Orellana will be playing out also under the name Erase:Rewind.

The next BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert @ Buddie’s Tavern:

Saturday June 23rd – Zigman Bird, John Rango & Friends, Mike Kovacs

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ


Lazlo’s Corner

I hate that two weeks in a row I have to start with sad news from the music world.

As you all have heard by now, ADAM YAUCH of the Beastie Boys succumbed to cancer last Friday. It made me think how much they as a band have grown, and I as a person also. I was 13 when “license to ill” came out, and I remember being intrigued by “fight for your right”, when I first heard it on the radio. I liked it, and at the time, may even have learned to love it, if it wasn’t for one thing…the video. Oh yeah, the video was fun and funny, but it featured three nerdy geeks being essentially bullied by the three “vagrants” played by the Beastie Boys. At, the time I was an shy, awkward, scrawny, brace face, four eyed geek (some of these traits I still have today, but are better equipped to deal with). It’s not hard to figure out that I was taunted even more as a result of the video. It wasn’t until college that I started listening to the Beastie Boys again when their third album, “check your head” came out. They had grown leaps and bounds as a band (which I would soon discover largely happened with their second album “Paul’s boutique”), while I was growing out of high school geek phase and into the music geek I am proud to be today. For the last 20 years I have always been excited when a new Beastie Boys album came out, because you truly never knew what you were going to get, except that it would be good. They took chances, they didn’t play it safe or try to repeat themselves. They avoided a lot of those ruts that popular bands fall into. So where am I going with all this? I’m not quite sure. This is just all the thoughts that ran through my head since Adam Yauch passed. The world, and music, was better for having the Beastie Boys in it, and it is sad to have lost Adam so soon.

Not sure there is any easy way to segue from that into reviews…

I would write a review of THE AVENGERS, but when the film makes over $200 million in one weekend I get the feeling if you had any interest in seeing the film you probably already saw it. But if you didn’t, trust me, it’s a really fun ride!

A few weeks back I posted a video for a song by XAVIER RUDD, “follow the sun” (you can watch it here: http://blowupradio.tripod.com/videos/xavier.html). Having only heard the one song, and seeing it along side natural ocean/surfing footage, I kept thinking Xavier was trying to be a Jack Johnson clone. But that really was not fair, and I know that now because I have heard the entirety of his wonderful album, “SPIRIT BIRD” (out on June 5th). It’s more like Xavier Bird is Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, and Peter Gabriel, all wrapped into one stunning and acoustically diverse album. For instance, the lead off track, “lioness eye”, uses didgeridoo and percussion, to make a nature based song that could be played just as easily in a jungle as it could a dance club. Other songs foster folk, bluesy soul, and reggae. I just can’t say enough good things about this album. It is both relaxing and fun at the same time. It has that power to lift my spirits up when I am feeling down.

This past weekend’s BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert Series Show had four stellar bands, one of which, THE TIMID ROOSEVELTS, is getting ready to release an album. At there shows they are giving out three song samplers from their upcoming album, and you should make every effort to see them live to get yourself a copy (at least until the whole album comes out). Great female fronted mid-tempo indie-pop. While you are waiting to get the sampler, you can grab their 2009 demos release for free here:

Do you remember 1930’s era swing, or the 90’s redux by bands like Squirrel Nut Zippers? Well BAKELITE 78 wants to remind you, and their album, “WHAT THE MOON HAS DONE”, is a brilliant album that would sound perfect along side your old 1930’s, or Squirrel Nut Zippers albums.

And I leave you this week with a new music video from ESCAPE TAILOR. The band features actor Jeremy Sisto (Suburgatory, Six Feet Under, etc.) on vocals, and dressed up in white face and a spikey blonde wig. The video for, “JUST CUZ”, almost feels like it belongs in a David Lynch film. Weird, but in a cool way.


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Sweet - new york connection

Brick + Mortar - making moves vol 2

Third International - Entre Las Americas

Xavier Rudd - spirit bird

Bakelite 78 - what the moon has done

The Timid Roosevelts - album teaser

Keith Monacchio - "tips, drinks & gas money" ep

Cosmo Jarvis - think bigger

Avra - in other people’s eyes

TV Girl - the wild, the innocent, the TV shuffle

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