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Newsletter 5-1-12

Hey Everyone,

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came down to Buddie’s Tavern last Saturday, for what was truly a magical night of music. Big thanks also to the Jonathan Andrew Trio, The Porchistas, and Ballroom!

Did enough people show up to change Buddie’s Tavern's mind about bumping live original music nights to rent the banquet room? Sadly, no.

But enough people did show up, and the music was so amazing, that it renewed my love for doing these shows. So for at least the short term I am going to continue to do the free concert series at Buddie’s Tavern.

I know everyone can’t make it out to every show, but when you can it is greatly appreciated if you come out and support live original music.

Like this Saturday, for The Tea & Whiskey’s last show!

Look at the amazing line-up they curated for this momentous occasion:

Saturday May 5th – The Tea & Whiskey (last show!), Black Wine, The Timid Roosevelts, Sun Puddles

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ


Lazlo’s Corner

A lot of people have musical influences, as a DJ, I have several DJ influences. People who I listened to growing up, or at other important moments in my life, that helped shaped my love of music, and my need to always seek out new music. One of these people passed away last week, PETE FORNATALE. I never met him in person, nor have I met any of the DJ’s that influenced me in person, but all of these DJ’s that I enjoyed listening to had two things in common:
1. A love of music
2. A passion for seeking out new music
Pete, thank you for passing on your joy of music to me through countless hours of listening to you on the air. You will be missed.

Another DJ who influenced me greatly when I was able to hear him in the 90’s and 00’s until his untimely death, was JOHN PEEL. A new site is slowly putting up part of his record collection to be viewed online, as well as putting up some choice Peel Sessions with great bands that you can listen to on Spotify. Check it out here:

COUNTING CROWS put on an incredible show in NYC last week. They played a nice selection of songs, including a cover of Teenage Fanclub’s, “start again”, from their new album, “UNDERWATER SUNSHINE”, and a transcendent version of “rain king”. The show was only marred by two teenage girls standing behind me that somehow managed to talk louder than the band playing through amplification...who pays good money to see a concert and then talks through it?
Anyway, check out Jay Ingstrup’s review (far better and more detailed than mine), along with my photos here:

A few weeks ago I discovered a New Jersey band that deserves attention. BIBLE FICTION walks the gambit from more mainstream accessible alternative rock, to more aggressive songs where the vocals sound like a mix of Henry Rollins/Suicidial Tendencies/Kurt Cobain, at times right on the cusp of going over the edge, but never going over. The ten songs that I have are totally engaging and energizing, and the mix of songs is perfect. This album is currently unreleased, but you can (and should) hear some of their songs here:
While you’re there, tell them to release these songs!
Bible Fiction plays The Backstage at Championship Bar on May 25th

SWEET is back (you know, the band that hit it big in the 70’s with, “ballroom blitz”). Their latest CD, “NEW YORK CONNECTION”, is, except for the title track, all covers. Sweet takes on songs from artists as diverse as The Ramones, Dead Or Alive, Electric Frankenstein, Bruce Springsteen, the Black Keys, and even Leiber & Stoller, and makes them their own. None of the covers are a failure to me, but some do shine brighter than others. The highlight of the album is their take on “New York Groove” (written by Russ Ballard, but made famous by Ace Frehley), which incorporates Alicia Key’s chorus from her collaboration with Jay-Z, “Empire State Of Mind”.

Who likes their rock country-fried? PIG FARMER does, and their new CD, “makin’ bacon”, is a lot of fun. Heck, even the way they describe themselves reek of fun, “Punk-a-billy, tater mashin' music with a little country fried gravy poured on top and digested at the Pig Pen”. Yee-haw!

RAMONA FALLS are back with their sophomore release, “PROPHET”. 11 new indie-synth-pop songs that are infectious and harmonious.
They also have 3 upcoming area shows (though none in NJ)
06/13 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands
06/14 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
06/15 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie

Last year I got to THE DARLINGS open up for Face To Face, and was really impressed by their pop-punk chops. Before you groan at another crappy “pop punk” band, I am reclaiming the term that watered down pop bands have been branding themselves for years. The Darlings are “pop punk” in the way their former tour mates Face to Face, Pennywise, and a host of other more aggressive but hook laden pop bands are. Their new album, ‘THE NEW ESCAPE”, expertly showcases this, as well as showing a new side with the closing track, “let’s roll”, an acoustic folk protest song. This album is a must have for fans of punk and fans of well written music.
The Darlings will be playing all the NJ/NY dates of the Warped Tour (proving that they still book a few cool punk bands)

WARREN HAYNES is one of those multi-talented singers that can play solo, with the Allman Brothers Band, or Gov’t Mule, and create different types of music that all showcase his diverse talents. With his new double live album, “LIVE AT THE MOODY THEATRE”, he has his own band backing him, including a horn section and female backing vocalist. This gives him license to get a little bit funkier with his soul rock, and turn the show into more of a New Orleans vibe. The result is wonderful.

Former Soul Coughing frontman, MIKE DOUGHTY, recently released a highly entertaining double album, “THE QUESTION JAR SHOW”. The 2 discs culls material from numerous shows, but actually flows like one concert. But this is no normal concert…in addition to Mike being backed on bass by Andrew “Scrap” Livingston, they have a question jar (hence the title of the album) from which audience questions are answered throughout the show. Not only does it make the show feel more intimate, but it also makes this one part rock concert, one part comedy show, as many of Mike’s answers are hysterically funny (for instance Mike & Scrap are asked to sing directions home in King Diamond’s voice). This is just a joy from beginning to end, and a must have for any music fan. Mike Doughty also recently put out a memoir. I will have a review of that soon.
Mike Doughty plays Maxwell’s on May 18th

Anyone who has known me long enough knows that back in the 90’s and early 00’s I used to see BLUES TRAVELER a lot (somewhere around 75 times in total). While I don’t see them as often as I used to, I still enjoy their music, both old and new. So listening to the first disc of their new album celebrating their 25th year as a band, “25 DELUXE EDITION”, was like listening to an old friend. Disc 1 is their “greatest hits” disc, which opens with their four most well known songs (personally I would have preferred they spaced them out more), and then gives us 13 more popular songs (at least amongst their fans), that gives a newcomer or casual fan I a great primer to what Blues Traveler has been doing for 25 years, and why there is so much more to their music then “run around”. Noticeably missing from this disc are some of their radio singles (“conquer me”, “Canadian rose”), but a nice new cover of Sublime’s, “what I got”, round out disc 1 nicely. Disc 2 is where the real gold is for long time fans, dubbed, “B-sides/Unreleased”, contains some songs previously only available on singles, 3 out of 4 songs they had briefly given away on their website back in 1999 (where is “the path”?), an old demo version of “but anyway” recorded back in 1988 (that has been making the rounds on tape/CD trading circuits for years), and what arguably will cause the greatest controversy, “the Gunslinger Remix of Run Around”, which takes their biggest hit in a completely different direction musically. I am sure some people will absolutely hate this remix, but I think it is absolutely brilliant! I leave you this week with the video for the remix:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Pig Farmer - makin’ bacon

The Stanleys - always

Tedeschi Trucks Band - everybody’s talkin’

Rhett Miller - the dreamer

Bible Fiction - 27

The Danks - who’s afraid of the Danks?

Allie Moss - late bloomer

The Very Best & Billy Idol - super mom mixtape

Blues Traveler - 25

Neur - untitled ep

Ben Harper & Tom Freund - live from the Machine Shop

Rachel Sage - haunted by you

Full playlist with links to all the bands is at www.LazlosDen.com. Support Good Music!

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