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Newsletter 3-27-12

Hey Everyone,

We have not one, but three weeks in a row of BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert Series shows coming up at Buddie’s Tavern:

And I can finally announce the May 5th show. It will be a bittersweet show as it will be the very last show for The Tea & Whiskey. it is rather fitting that their first show was a BlowUpRadio.com show at Buddie’s Tavern, and so will their last. Also on the bill is Black Wine, The Timid Roosevelts, and Sun Puddles.

So here’s the lineup for all 3 shows:

Saturday April 28th - The Porchistas, Jonathan Andrew & Eric Blankenship

Saturday May 5th – The Tea & Whiskey (last show!), Black Wine, The Timid Roosevelts, Sun Puddles

Saturday May 12th - Lazlo’s Birthday Bash! : Sleepless Saints, double-breasted, Jon Caspi

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ

Mark your calendars now!


Lazlo’s Corner

Just finished a fascinating and wholly entertaining novel, that I picked up solely because I saw a blurb on the cover from Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About A Boy, etc.), an author I always enjoy reading. The novel, “CITY OF TINY LIGHTS” by PATRICK NEATE, came out in 2005, but is just as timely today as it was 7 years ago. The story is a darkly comedic crime noir set in in the UK. To explain the story too much gives away its many twists and turns, so let me just talk in vagaries here. It starts with the clichéd detective with a alcohol problem drinking at his desk when a woman coming in needing a detective to find a missing person. The first thing you’ll notice different in this novel is that the detective is a Pakistani immigrant that moved to the UK when he was young. As with any good detective story, both he and the client have interesting pasts that unravel throughout the tale, as does a wide sweeping intricate story that includes some interesting discussions of terrorism and stereotypes. There are many colorful characters with small parts that manage to also have arcs, and all the loose ends tie up satisfactorily in the end, and in a way liked more than what the typical ending would have been.

The inner child in me had a blast this week, first by watching last year’s WINNIE THE POOH movie, which despite Disney’s penchant for mediocrity managed not to foul this film up badly. They brought back the old ink & paint club, avoiding the digital animation that while it looks good on some films, would (in my opinion) negate the beauty and innocence of the Hundred Acre Woods and Pooh and his friends. Once I got past some of the voices being off model from the old Winnie The Pooh movies, I found a lot to like. The whimsy and innocence was still there, and other than a few moments (one quite funny, one very annoying) the characters had liked they had previously. Quite possibly best of all for any adult watching, this G rated film (presumably intentionally) did one of the most spot on allegories to our paranoia after 9/11. Brilliant! WINNIE THE POOH is on Starz this month.

The other film that let my inner child out was THE MUPPETS, which again showed that Disney does not ruin everything it touches (note: my wife loves Disney, I generally find there stuff over the last 20 years (excepting some Pixar films) pretty craptacular). While there were a few moments in this I don’t think Jim Henson would have liked, the bulk of this film captured the magic that the Muppets have been to me since I was a wee little lad. The Bluray also contains a lot of extras, including a very funny deleted scene with Ricky Gervais (presumably cut for time?), and a longer version of the rap song sung by the “villain” of the film, played by Chris Cooper, that actually explains why he hates the Muppets so much (what possible reason was there to cut a minute or two from the film that actually was integral to the story???) There are also several easter eggs on the bluray that bring you more entertainment (if you can find them).
The Muppets is now out on DVD & Bluray.

On the music front, Jay Ingstrup (aka Jay Mazeffect from The Break Evens, Mazeffect, Private Iron, Slappy, etc….he’s been in a lot of bands, and still finds time to write reviews for our site), has started a new project, JASON AND THE VIKINGS, and you can download their first EP, “EXPEDITION”, for free on Bandcamp. This new outlet for Jay will feature a revolving lineup both live and on recordings, but this debut EP features his bandmates from The Break Evens, and even opens with “merry go wrong”, a song played live with TBE on numerous occasions. The EP as a whole has a feel of early Soul Asylum (pre-Grave Dancers Union), mixed with some early Replacements.
Download it now for free here:

Speaking of free music, the band that brought you “come on Eileen” is back…sort of. The band formerly known as Dexy’s Midnight Runners, is now called Dexys, and they are working on a new album to come out later this year. While you await there return, check out this free download of a new song, “nowhere is home”. It is a nice mellow ditty.

Jay Navarro (formerly of Suicide Machines, and Hellmouth), is back with a new pop-punk band I can get behind. Much like his former bands had a biting edge to them, Jay’s new band, BREAK ANCHOR, does also, and their debut 7”, “BLACKHEARTS & BLACKOUTS”, is three uproarious songs in about 10 minutes. In a sea of mediocre, watered down pop, calling itself pop-punk, I’m glad there are still some bands that remember that pop-punk includes the word PUNK! You can stream all 3 songs here:

PAUL WELLER (The Jam, The Style Council) is back with a new album called, “SONIK KICKS”. I really want to say nothing but accolades about this album, as there are 13 songs that are good & great songs ranging through different styles that the press release described as mixing, “pop art punch with soulful communication; jazzy explorations into psychedelia and dub with razor-sharp melodies and abstract soundscapes with clear-eyed forest-folk” (yeah, I was too lazy to come up with a better description than that). The reason I cannot simply extol accolades is because the album has 14 tracks, and the very last track felt like lazy songwriting. The song was a typical mellow folk-pop song you would hear on easy-listening/MOR stations (but I don’t think NPR would touch it with a 10 foot pole). Even the title, “be happy children”, did not give me a positive feeling. When listening to it I actually wondered if my CD player had somehow skipped to a different CD. A terrible end to an otherwise wonderful album. My suggestion is to turn the CD off after track 13, or if you download the album (legally, we do not support illegal downloading), just delete track 14.

There is this wonderful feeling I am sometimes lucky enough to get when hearing someone sing who I have never heard before. The feeling that sucks in my full attention and mesmerizes me with the passion and intensity. Match that with equally strong music and what you get is something truly special. Such is THE MEAN SEASON’s forthcoming EP (out on 4/24). Check out 4 of the 5 songs on their EP here:

And I leave you this week with OBERHOFER live on Letterman playing, “AWAY FRM U”, from their new album, “TIME CAPSULES II”, which comes out this week. I previously extolled the excellence of this album, now you can finally get it for yourself.


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Dexys - one day I’m going to soar

The Mean Season - The Mean Season

Suckers - candy salad

Holy Esque - Holy Esque EP

Joe Walsh - analog man

Rhett Miller - the dreamer its cool

Brian Larsen - building

Scout - all those relays

Break Anchor - blackhearts and blackouts

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