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Newsletter 3-6-12

Hey Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who came out to Buddie’s Tavern on Saturday for BlowUpRadio.com's Free Concert Series. Big thanks to Erase:Rewind, The Monacchio's, and O'Neill & Martin, all of which made for an incredible show

We have not one, but three weeks in a row of BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert Series shows coming up at Buddie’s Tavern:

Saturday April 28th - The Porchistas, Jonathan Andrew & Eric Blankenship

Saturday May 5th - *Special show* (announcement soon)

Saturday May 12th - Lazlo’s Birthday Bash! : Sleepless Saints, double-breasted, Jon Caspi

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ


Programming note:

A new installment of The Uncommon Approach to Life by Adam Bernstein & Greg Di Gesu will air on BlowUpRadio.com this Wednesday at 6pm ET and Saturday at 3pm ET

In this episode Greg D & Adam B discuss Gowanus, MS misbehaviors, Bob Dylan, grapes and gripes!


Lazlo’s Corner

Let’s start this week with ERASE:REWIND, who just played BlowUpRadio.com’s Free Concert Series. J Orellana of The Tea & Whiskey’s new project secretly put out an EP back in January for free on Bandcamp. Not sure why he didn’t send out announcements to let the world know about “…of love, lust, and liquor…”, but this 4 song EP (there is an additional song you can download separately on Bandcamp), is a nice home recording of Orellana solo guitar and vocal. Tea & Whiskey will recognize some of these songs, but these raw acoustic re-workings are both catchy and allow for the vocals to really shine. Despite being acoustic, it is definitely not folk. I would classify it as acoustic indie rock. Check it out and hear why this project is one to keep an ear on.

While DJing at the concert on Saturday night I decided to play a song from CUFF THE DUKE’s amazing debut album, “morning comes”. It is not often that people are paying enough attention in a bar to take note of a song they have never heard before, but several people came up to during, “standing on the edge”, to ask who the band was. If that does not make you intrigued enough to want to know more about this band, how about this, this is the most interesting Americana band I have heard since the Jayhawks broke onto the scene 20 years ago. The downside is that the right-wingers can use Cuff The Duke as another example of foreigners taking away American’s jobs. How else you explain a Canadian band doing Americana music this well?
And check out their video for “count on me” here:

BRIAN MCGEE is probably best known as the front man of punk band Plow United, but he is also a solo artist with a penchant for rockabilly/roots rock/Americana (proving not all great Americana music is being imported, like I joked above), all filtered through a garage band sound (that is a band playing in a garage, not the program garageband). Paper + Plastick recently re-released his sophomore solo album, “the taking or leaving”, and I will take it. Brian McGee’s songs actually remind me a lot of NJ band, The Successful Failures (who incidentally have a new album coming out the end of this month). “The taking or leaving” has a lot of fun songs on the album, but the standout to me is the 7 minute opus that closes the album. “When my time comes”, is a melancholy folk song, with just some blues guitar picking and Brian’s strong vocals. The song is so brilliant in its sparseness that it just stopped me in my tracks when I was listening to the album. Kudos!
This Friday, March 9th, Brian McGee will be performing in NYC at American Trash (seeing as his ReverbNation page says he currently lives in Highland Park, hopefully we can get him to play right here in NJ soon…maybe a BlowUpRadio.com show?)

It has been almost two decades since THOMAS DOLBY has released an album (and three decades since his break out hit, “she blinded me with science”). So what did I expect from Dolby’s new album, “a map of the floating city”? I expected more of the synth and electronic sounds that has been a big part of his career (in addition to music, he founded the company that invented the software for ringtones, but I won’t hold that against him). Instead of doing an “electronic” album, “a map of the floating city” is a largely organic sounding album, at times reminding me of David Bowie’s last few albums. Wonderful soundscapes and beautifully subdued poetic vocals equals a very compelling album that undoubtedly would have made my top albums of 2011 list (the album came out last October) had I received when it came out. There is also an online game to go along with this album (which I have not had the time to play, but I suspect if online games is your thing that it would be worth checking out).
Thomas Dolby has two area shows coming up, and he will be bringing along his Time Capsule Trailer, where people can record a video to go up on Youtube. And to answer the obvious question, no, neither show is in NJ.
3/24 @ World Café Live
3/29 @ Canal Room

I’ve generally been indifferent to TAYLOR SWIFT’s music. I don’t outright dislike it, but it is not really my cup of tea. I did find it strangely amusing (if not slightly disturbing) when I saw her belting out “pour some sugar on me” with Def Leppard on the Crossroads series, but that did not prepare me for her latest pairing. On the soundtrack to the movie Hunger Games, Taylor Swift collaborated with THE CIVIL WARS for a very Civil Wars sounding song, “safe & sound”. Would love to hear Taylor Swift do more songs like this. Check out the video here:

Quick mention of two albums previous profiled in this column that come out this week:

Kitty Clementine - “Kitty Clementine”

Said The Whale - “little mountain”

Remember to support good music by purchasing these albums. You can also check out music videos from each of these bands at www.BlowUpRadio.com

On TV tonight is the return of the very funny Fox series, BREAKING IN. For me this show, about a group of oddballs working at a security company, was the highlight of the new series last year. I am thankful that public outcry after this show was cancelled convinced Fox to bring the show back for a second season. The show is funny regardless, but geeks will particularly enjoy the obscure references they sneak in (among them was a character named Ana Ng and another character’s alias was Gordon Shumway…feel free to Google either name to get the references). The welcome addition of Megan Mullallly as the new boss who takes over the security company should remove my main problem with last season, that the boss played by Christian Slater was too perfect and always one step ahead of everyone else. Watch this show, and let’s make sure it gets picked up for season 3!
Breaking In airs on Fox Tuesdays at 9:30pm

And I leave you this week with a you tube video of KURT COBAIN’s isolated vocal track for “smells like teen spirit” (note: there is 20-30 seconds of silence at the beginning of the video)


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Paul Rosevear - josephine

Erase:Rewind - …of love, lust, & liquor

Cuff The Duke - morning comes

Adam & The Amethysts - flickering flashlight

Thomas Dolby - a map of the floating city

Pine Hill Haints - tales of crime parts 1 & 2

James Dalton - silent station

Young Statues - acoustic ep

Dandy Warhols - this machine

Esperanza Spalding - radio music society

Moon Hooch - Moon Hooch

The Maxines - drugstore ep

Justin Levinson and the Valcours - this side of me, this side of you

Anti-Flag - the general strike

Full playlist with links to all the bands is at www.LazlosDen.com. Support Good Music!

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