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Newsletter 2-7-12

Hey Everyone,

I have finally added a “search site” Google bar to BlowUpRadio.com. Now you can search for old stories on your favorite bands.


***New Show***

The Uncommon Approach to Life - by Adam Bernstein & Greg Di Gesu

Welcome all to Episode 1 of The Uncommon Approach to Life

Greg D and Adam B discuss John Lennon, running, non-linear thought, and more!

Airs Wednesday @ 6pm and Saturday @3pm on BlowUpRadio.com

Stay tuned for future Episodes..


Lazlo’s Corner

Let’s begin with double-breasted, who celebrate the release of their amazing new EP, “suit yourself”, this Saturday at Morristown Unitarian Fellowship. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a unique band like d-b (cello, harp, percussion, 2 female vocals, and 1 male vocal) would be a unique venue for their EP release. And show up early for Shayfer James, who is opening the show and also makes great music!
http://doublebreastedmusic.com http://shayferjames.com

After seeing a funny reference to the Clash on Portlandia, I finally decided to sit down and watch “The Clash Westway To The World”, a DVD I had bought years ago, but has sat on a pile of DVDs that I never seem to have time to watch. Admittedly, my doorway to the Clash’s music was when “combat rock” garnered top 40 hits for them, but I immediately dug deeper into their catalog, and their music got me through a lot of tough times growing up. I remember when Joe Strummer died, I took it hard and spent several days listening to nothing but the Clash. That may be why I waited so long to watch this wonderful documentary, not wanting to relive my painful youth or the loss of Joe Strummer. What “Westway” does right is use the interviews of the band members to tell the story, and not some disembodied narrator. Each member’s remembrances of their time in the band is much more interesting and almost like hanging out with the guys whose music I have hung out with for decades. The bonus interview footage extra is also a goldmine of entertaining information.

Having enjoyed that documentary I decided let’s have a go at another one that was collecting dust waiting to be watched. McLibel, is about a famous years long libel case in the UK between 2 people who had been handing out a flyer slamming McDonalds over several of their practices, and the multi-national burger chain that sued then. As the documentary explains, the UK does not allow the same freedom of speech as America, and there is a legal loop hole by which a company can sue for libel and force the people to prove every statement they make. This compelling documentary shows the story of the two people who, without legal counsel, took on McDonalds in a long drawn out court case. I won’t tell you how it turns out (because not everyone is familiar with this case), but you can find out more info about it here:

Finished reading a graphic novel that I got a digital download of, and reading it as a .pdf hurt my eyes (of course I didn't realize that until I finished it & looked away from the screen). Thankfully it was a good graphic novel by the lead singer of The Dandy Warhols, Courtney Taylor-Taylor. One Model Nation iss about a fictional band (called One Model Nation) in Berlin in the late 70's being caught in the middle of the issues of the time even though all they are trying to do is make music. It is an incredibly gripping story and the artwork by Jim Rugg (who recently did the art for The Guild mini-series) adds not only some wonderful scenery, but also some great expressions that enhance the story. To enhance the story even more, Courtney Taylor-Taylor recorded an album of music as One Model Nation, and it perfectly sounds like a late 70's synth rock band! I highly recommend you pick up the graphic novel & CD.

And while on the subject of comic books, Neil Sabatino from the band Fairmont just started a web based comic (which thankfully was in a larger JPG format and therefore did not cause the eye strain the .PDF file did). The Black Hat (Issue one, Volume one) is a beautifully illustrated story that sets the stage for what could be a fascinating comic. Like me, you’ve probably seen stories about people with mental illness going off their meds and the disastrous effects it causes, but the way this comic shows both the reality and the main character’s delusion works really well. I am certainly curious to see where Neil takes this story in future issues. You have nothing to lose in downloading the first issue, it is free.

Lastly, at least on the subject of comic books, is an amusing new short film, “The Death and Return of Superman”, that in less than 17 minutes recounts the ridiculous mid 90’s comic book storyline referenced in the title. I found it quite amusing, and not just because of all the celebrity cameos.

Update from last week’s Lazlo’s Corner: The Brixton Riot’s album, “palace amusements”, will be released on March 13th. You can still download their 2 song sampler for free at the link below. I just got an advance copy of the full album, and I'm glad to hear for myself that the years of work that went into making "palace amusements" were well worth it. This album is freaking awesome! Excuse me, I have to go listen to it again.

Another album, or in this case an EP, that I want to listen to again is “horoscope ep” by The Luna Laval. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get in on the ground floor and hear a band before they hit it big. I can’t say for sure that the Luna Laval will hit it big, but I can say that they are on to something, and have some fascinating music that stirs the emotions. They will be playing live this Thursday (2/9) at Bacchus bar in Old Bridge, NJ.

The NJ music scene lost a great singer-songwriter when Mike June up and moved to Austin, Texas. But the world has gained his best album as a result. “Exile on Wilson Street” (out on 2/14), from Mike June & The Wilson Street Refugees is a wonderful album that showcases Mike’s ability to tell a compelling story in a four minute song.

If you love dancehall reggae music, let me highly recommend “Kingston 13 riddim”, featuring seven songs by seven different artists. Going in I only recognized Shaggy, but I am now seeking out more music from the other six artists.

If you’ve been around the NJ music scene for any length of time you have undoubtedly seen one of the many bands Buzzy Jones has been a part of (among them Bongo Jones, Dead Pony Cats, and Band Of Beards). His latest band, Pretty Goats, recently put out an EP, “needles and wine”, as a free download. You should take a moment and download. All 5 songs are great, but if you are looking for one song that stands out, I recommend, “too late for us”.

The Darkness are back with a new single, “nothing’s gonna stop us”. I’m glad they haven’t changed they’re sound one bit! (if you are wondering, I mean that sincerely). Download their new single for free here:

The bio told me Moonlight Bride was “noise pop”, their song, “lemonade” from their forthcoming EP, “twin lakes” made me think of perfect dream pop bliss. Check it out for yourself here:

I received a four song sampler from Ohio based band, The Sanderlings. The sampler, “awesome opossum sampler” are songs from their forthcoming album, “awesome opossum” album (due out mid-summer 2012). Putting awesome in your album title could be deemed a bit of ego at work, but these four songs are pretty awesome if you like pop rock (which I do). Sadly, the only website they seem to have is Myspace, which does give you the opportunity to hear some of their music, but little other info (for instance there is no info how to purchase their previous album, also awesome, “everything’s better in the south”).

And finally, Miracles Of Modern Science answer the question (that I am not sure anyone ever thought to ask) what would it sound like if Bon Iver ever covered Bon Jovi?


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This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


The Darkness - nothing’s gonna stop us

7Envy - Hard Rock Rising 2012

Miracles Of Modern Science - dog year

Moonlight Bride - twin lakes

Pretty Goats - needles and wine

The Luna Laval - horoscopes ep

Ruby Fray - pith

Kendl Winter - the mechanics of hovering flight

The Sanderlings - awesome opossum sampler

Kingsize - harry or henry

J Boog - Kingston 13 riddim

Counting Crows - underwater sunshine

Paul McCartney - kisses on the bottom

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