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Newsletter 1-31-12

Hey Everyone,

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Welcome to a new part of our weekly newsletter, Lazlo’s Corner.

Each week I plan to recount some bullet points from the past week, be it music, film, TV, books, etc., that I have enjoyed. I will try to include links where I can.

Without further ado, here is the first Lazlo’s Corner

While The Brixton Riot have not yet set up a release date for their album, Palace Amusements, they have made two songs from it available as a free download “signal to noise/hipster turns 30”. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Speaking of free music, Paul Rosevear has an amazing new song that sounded so much like a classic Sun Studio type of recording that I went searching to see if it was a cover. It is not. Download “I could cry”.

I got a CD in the mail from a band called Sexy Heroes...to say I had low expectations based on that band name would be an understatement. Turns out they are pretty skilled musicians doing early Green Day sounding pop-punk, with songs about Robert Downey jr., Luigi (from Super Mario Brothers), pirates, and Doug (from the Nicktoon of the same name), among other silly songs. The thing is, they do it really well, and it's a lot of fun and kinda sweet & charming in a way to do songs that don't have heavy lyrics to them, but are witty and fun. In some ways their music reminded me of the fun that SSRi once was (oh how I miss that band). The kicker...turns out they are a northern NJ band that has been around for 3 or 4 years...somehow I either never heard of them, or, more likely, saw their name and avoided them because of their band name (I’m sorry, but to me it really is not a good band name). I’m glad I listen to every CD sent to me, and it is a perfect reminder not to judge bands based on their name.

Just finished reading Michael Caine's warm & wonderful book "Elephant to Hollywood", written like a conversation w/ a friend, and chock full of interesting stories.

Also finally saw the King’s Speech on cable, and was happily surprised that it was worth the accolades it got. Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush have amazing chemistry when they are on screen together, but you’ve probably already seen the film and knew that.

On the other hand, if you like odd little films, I highly recommend Rubber. No it is not about condoms, but it is brilliant in it's absurd comedic nature. The film starts with a guy talking to the camera about various films that are "no reason" films (why do people fall in love in a romantic comedy, no reason, etc.), and saying this film is an homage to no reason. You then see he was talking to a group of people standing on a hillside with binoculars who are about to watch the story unfold...the story of a car tire that has telekinetic powers used it to blow up animals and humans...I did say the film was absurd. It gets weirder from there, but I found it to be hysterically funny and loved it's absurdness. I realize it is not for everyone, but if you have a dark sense of humor check it out.

And let me close out the first Lazlo’s Update with this very funny video courtesy of a self-aware Vanilla Ice.


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Mary Black - stories from the steeples

The Grisly Hand - western ave. ep

Paul Rosevear - exile on grove st

The Ragbirds - traveling machine

Marketa Irglova - live in San Francisco 11/18/11

Esperanza Spalding - radio music society

Erin Passmore - downtown ep

Mike June & The Wilson Street Refugees - exile on Wilson street

Sexy Heroes - interrobang

Orbital - wonky

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