Newsletter 11-8-10

Hey Everyone,

This Saturday we celebrate ten years of

Looking back, it was a random series of events that led to me creating, and I feel pretty lucky that things fell together the way they did.

Ten years ago I was jaded toward a dead end part time radio DJ job I had where I had no control over what music I was playing. Local unsigned musicians (and even many local bands on major labels) were not part of the regular playlist, but less talented (to me, at least) major label bands were.

At the same time, I would go see local bands that I was friends with and they would talk about how hard it was to get people to check out their music. I knew this first hand, because most of my friends didn’t want to go to some dive bar to see some band they never heard of.

Shortly after that I was on a music message board when someone mentioned starting an internet radio station on Live365.

And so I started not exactly, because the original Blow Up Radio Network was simply a station without a website, and only about a dozen bands to play. I did this to try to convince my friends to go see these amazing bands with me. Most of these same friends still haven’t listened to my webcast, but many hundreds, maybe thousands, have.

When I started, I sent an e-mail out to a lot of NJ bands I was aware of, and to my surprise, many were excited about Blow Up Radio Network and sent me CDs, I also got a nice write up in the Aquarian from Al Muzer.

Realizing something special was happening, I registered the website, and took an on-line course to learn HTML, and slowly things grew and morphed into the website and webcast you see & hear today.

It is because of all the amazing bands New Jersey has to offer, and because of all of you who listen to the webcast, go to the website, and read this newsletter, that I have continued to do all these years.

I hope you will all come celebrate with me this Saturday at Buddie’s Tavern, and four amazing bands:

(in order of appearance, with the first band going on at 8:30 PM)

Mike Ferraro & the Young Republicans

The Tea & Whiskey

Cropduster (performing their classic album “drunk uncle” in it’s entirety)

The Break Evens

The show is free!

Buddie’s Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Ln., Parlin (Sayreville), NJ


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That's all for this week folks.