Regrettably, The Wonder Bar will officially be closing on the weekend of September 28, 29, and 30. As you may or may not know, the building was taken by the developers over the winter, and they were "kind" enough to give us a 6-month leaseback so that we could stay open for our last summer. Well, now it is over, officially, and the historic Wonder Bar, which has sat on the corner of Ocean and Fifth Avenues since 1949, will be boarded up, and eventually torn down for future "development."

I have been trying to think of an honorable way to go out, and Debbie and I have decided that the best thing to do is to have a fund-raiser for Debbie's favorite charity, The SPCA. Over the years, Debbie has been a strong and devoted supporter of that organization, and has donated thousands of dollars to them through our various events at the bar.

So, on Sunday, September 30th, I have sent an invite to all of the amazing bands and musicians who have played The Wonder Bar, to grace our stage for one final time in celebration of this tragic but historic event, the forced closing of yet another Asbury Park Landmark, The Wonder Bar. After surviving some 58 years, it is finally over. The response from the musical community has been overwhelming, and frankly, I am without words to describe all of the emotions that I am feeling right now. All I can say is, "What great people we have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with, and what a shame that it has to end."

It will be a very sad day for all of us, especially Debbie, who has worked so hard, through such adverse circumstances over the years, always with a smile, and always with a kind and open heart. I feel so sad for her especially, because she has managed all these years to keep the doors open through a period in Asbury's history that wasn't the greatest, and now when things seem to be turning around, she will be forced to go.... It just doesn't seem fair to me.

Please show your support and come together to join us that Sunday, for a great day of music, and to pay homage to an Asbury Park Landmark, and to contribute to such a worthy cause, The SPCA.

Thank you all again, and pray for peace,