"World's Longest Pop Song" Becoming Longer February 20th

We wanted to let you know about a very special event on Saturday February 20, at 4:30 pm

Musician Chris Butler (The Waitresses) recorded the "World's Longest Pop Song," in 1994 and called it "The Devil Glitch." A few years ago, the project moved online and became the "Major Glitch," and has grown even longer via email submissions. Now there's going to be a special edition of The Saturday Afternoon Song Swap (a monthly North Jersey songwriters' circle hosted by Rebecca Turner and Deena Shoshkes) to make the Major Glitch even longer -- live!

Artists including The Swales, Ed Seifert and John Raido and many other special guests will be performing their contributions to the song (and some of their own songs) and then we'll record the live versions and add them in. Chris himself will be there and will perform the original "Devil Glitch."

The event will be at a brand new club/restaurant in Orange called Hat City Kitchen, which is at 459 Valley Street.

Anyone is welcome to come and perform a contribution to the song live. More info about the project and instructions for how to participate can be found on www.Majorglitch.net

For more information, contact Deena Shoshkes at deena0504@gmail.com or Rebecca Turner at info@rebeccaturner.net.