Friday October 17th through Sunday October 19th & will present BANDING TOGETHER: A BENEFIT FOR THE SPONDYLITIS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA.

This 48 hour benefit webathon will feature over 50 bands performing live on the internet radio stations to raise money for this good cause. Among the bands performing will be nationally known artists like Brian Vander Ark (The Verve Pipe), Miles Hunt (the Wonder Stuff), and Paul Sanchez (Cowboy Mouth).

“The webathon will be the internet radio equivalent of the Jerry Lewis telethon, only with better music,” says Lazlo, the founder of and the organizer of Banding Together.

During the course of Banding Together, we’ll be asking people to donate money via a secure on-line section of the Spondylitis Association Of America’s website. As a thank you, everyone who donates during the webathon will be sent a CD.

About the Spondylitis Association Of America (SAA):

SAA is a non-profit organization that was the first and remains the largest resource for people affected by spondylitis. Through their efforts, they help advance education, research and treatment for ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and related diseases. Their interactive website boasts more than 600 pages of content and receives more than one million hits per month. For more than 25 years SAA has dedicated all of its resources to help improve the lives of people coping with spondylitis.

"This is a very personal benefit for me as my wife, Naomi, suffers from ankylosing spondylitis (AS).", says Lazlo, " I have seen the debilitating effects of this disease and the chronic pain and discomfort it causes. This benefit is the least I can do to help my wife, and over a million others who suffer from AS."

The following bands are scheduled to perform as part of BANDING TOGETHER: A BENEFIT FOR THE SPONDYLITIS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA:

Agency, Alex Brumel, Alter Ego, Ben Godwin, Billie Burke Estate, The Break Evens, Brian Vander Ark, Colie Brice, Copesetic, The Crayons, Crewman Number Six, The Cucumbers, Deena Shoshkes, Dipsomaniacs, Downshallow, Echofission, Evergreen File, Felecia and the Dinosaur, The Future Kings Of Nowhere, The Heshers, J Stanley, Jim Testa, Joe Canzano, Joe Harvard, John Raido, John Taglieri, Jon Caspi, Jon Dacks, Jonathan Andrew, Joshua Van Ness, Kate Hart, Kevin McGowan, Kosmic Daydream, Matt Colligan, Miles Hunt, New Day Dawn, Paul Sanchez, Paul Zunno, Private Iron, Randy Morning Band, Rich Conroy, Rik Mercaldi, Scruff, Six To Eight Mathematics, Souls Release, Spiraling, The Successful Failures, Synthetic Sympathies, Thomas Martin & Jeanne O'Neill, Tris McCall, Whiskey Flask Revenge!, The Winter Sounds, Zigman Bird

In addition to the webathon, on October 11th a live benefit concert will take place at Buddie’s Tavern (277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin, NJ), which will feature live sets from The Comrades, The Tea & Whiskey, Frank Bressi (of The Chilling Details), and special guests. All proceeds raised that night will also benefit the Spondylitis Association Of America.

For more information on the webathon and live benefit concert, please go to, or e-mail is an internet radio station and website started in 2000, dedicated to the support of New Jersey's local original music scene.