I (Scott E. Moore) have decided to put the show on an indefinite hiatus. There have been many things I have wanted to do to grow The Writer's Hang, not just as a performance, but as a resource to music fans and the industry, to take it on the road, to have it represent the power of song, the magic of intimate performance and to create a way to experience and discover truly great talent - all on a greater scale. It has been very difficult to pursue these ambitions while the show continues as it exists. Also, between my 'day job' as a documentary filmmaker, the recent film scoring work, my OWN music career and my family...I'm pretty stretched thin. I want to give these other things the time, attention and effort they have not been getting and definitely deserve.

Ten years of incredible evenings with more than 200 guests is a pretty nice high note to leave on for now. I would like once again thank all of you for your support, passion, opens ears and hearts, all of which have made this labor of love not only a success, but a true pleasure. I have have grown as an artist, have amazing memories, and have met so many special people through this. I hope we stay connected, and you continue to support the music and also The Hang when it returns in an evolved state.

To leave on an even higher note...the APRIL 3 Writer's Hang will be a musically mind-blowing event.

It will feature myself with one artist who I have been wanting to play the Hang for 10 years (Peter Mulvey). Seriously! And another artist who has been our most requested Writer's Hang return guest, and has particpated in serveral of our most memorable celebrations (Jim Boggia). They both are world class musicians (and monster guitarists!) and very cool people, and to me, truly represent many things the Hang is all about. See the blurb below...

all the best,