PARTICLE ZOO To Offer Series Of Digital-Only Singles Throughout 2008

About two and a half years since the release of their first full-length album, alternative rock band Particle Zoo announce that new material is here and more is soon to follow. The New Jersey trio of Jeff DeVito (vocals, guitar), Scott Greene (bass, synthesizer), and John Christie (drums, synthesizer) recently revealed to fans that several songs are slated for “digital-only” release throughout 2008. The first new single, Recipe For Nothing, is already available for digital download from iTunes and

Their previous effort, Loneliness and Strangers (2005, LP), provided the band with a wide arsenal of music that has paid dividends and influenced this recent foray into the digital realm. The most successful single from that album, Freaky Fat Tuesday, was noticed by web designers at GEICO Insurance in 2007 and has been featured in the online arm of the company’s well-known Caveman Ad Campaign. The song is still a mainstay on the Caveman’s iPod at

About a year before the GEICO deal, the band was already adding some new twists to the ‘60s-Brit-pop/‘80s-alt-rock-influenced style that echoes throughout Loneliness and Strangers. A turning point came when Christie began adding synthesizer to his drum kit playing.

“It started as a way to keep some of [former keyboardist] Jay Holler’s melodies in the old songs,” says Christie, “but it morphed into a unique style where I got better and better at playing keyboard and drums at the same time.”

That style is now a cornerstone of the new sound Particle Zoo has developed since Holler left the band in 2006 to spend more time with his family. With several final recordings in the queue, but not quite enough for another full-length album, the band has now decided to embark on a string of digital-only releases throughout 2008.

“Most people are probably going to think we took a cue from Radiohead’s recent online release, but in fact, we began considering the advantages of a digital-only release as soon as Freaky Fat Tuesday started gaining attention on the Caveman’s Crib website,” says DeVito. “Although now, because of the Radiohead thing, we’ll probably see more and more bands doing this over the next few years anyway, so we’re hoping it will be a good move for us going forward.”

Particle Zoo will kick off the release of Recipe For Nothing with a live appearance on Rutgers College Radio’s local music show “Overnight Sensations” on Feb. 29, followed by a live show at The Lamp Post in Jersey City, NJ on March 1. Music lovers can find more information or sign up to receive email notices regarding this and follow-up releases at the band’s official website,