The Deadly Syndrome Will Resign if 50 Cent Resigns If Kayne West Sells More Albums Than 50 Cent

Itís official, Elite Pop Folk Quartet, The Deadly Syndrome have unwittingly been sucked into the 50 Cent and Kanye West feud by deciding to release their debut record on the same day. This record release showdown has prompted both Curtis and Kanye to claim that if The Deadly Syndrome do indeed sell more records than themselves, then neither shall retire nor publicly insult one and other in the press ever again.

This outstanding news broke just hours ago and we urge folks to take note of the rappers' plea to help spread the word of The Ortolan's release and allow our planet to experience such wondrous melodic virtues otherwise known as The Deadly Syndrome and their debut album about to hit the streets next week. Peace between the two rappers will also be restored.

But regardless of such stunts, the lads are honored and fully intend on releasing their quirky muscial pop gem on Dim Mak Records whilst simultaneously throwing an equally amazing and much anticipated party to celebrate this Saturday Sept. 8th.

Now is your chance to show the love of The Ortolan which drops in the US Sept. 11th and try prevent such travesties from taking place in the music world.