Kabuki Killers Release Debut EP

Kabuki Killers, the unholy collaboration of some guys from New York and New Jersey, will release their self-titled debut EP on September 5th. The six songs that clock in at just over 17 minutes blaze down the path set forth by the bands spiritual forefathers, the MC5, the Stooges, AC/DC and the Donnas

The band started in 2003 when singer-guitarist Scott John Rachs and drummer Grandma Death got into a knife fight over which Husker Du album was better. Luckily bassist Moonlight Mike was there to mediate (and shuttle the loser to the hospital). Once everyone was patched up, the three guys decided to pour their passions for rock and kicking ass into a band. That was when the Kabuki Killers were born.

Guitarist Turbo Blade was drafted into the band a few months later when Grandma Death saw him in a local dive blasting out some stinging guitar leads--at the same time as he was kicking the crap out of a guy for spilling beer on his favorite distortion pedal. Grandma knew Blade was the missing piece of the puzzle and convinced him to join after a night of debauchery. After a few gigs that destroyed sound systems throughout the metro New York area, Kabuki Killers hunkered down at New Jersey’s Moonlightmile Recordings to lay down the tracks that make up their debut EP.

To contact Kabuki Killers: kabukikillers@yahoo.com
On the web: http://myspace.com/kabukikillers

Kabuki Killers debut EP can be purchased at:
- CD Baby
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