Buy your own personalized song written by Val Emmich, for you

For the month of December, I'm (Val Emmich) opening up my very own Song Shop. Here's what it is: I, the artist, write you, the fan, a personalized song. Writing songs is what I do and I'd love nothing more than to share that experience with you. I can't think of a better way to create a unique one-of-a-kind experience with you than through this process. And perhaps for my foreign fans it might make up for my inability to travel abroad to play live for you in person.

Send me a paragraph or two about what you want your song to be about. Tell me about any issue/problem/idea that you (or a loved one) are currently grappling with. Tell me about something you like to do or something you don't like to do. Anything that consumes you. It can be serious, funny or trivial. Just make it honest & be specific. I'll then take your material & send you back an MP3 of a full-length acoustic song. I promise each song will be unique & made especially for you. I'll even name it after you or whoever you're sending it to.

Buy a song for ...
... a loved one for the holiday.
... a birthday gift.
... a get-well gesture.
... yourself just 'cuz you feel like it.
... just to see if I can pull it off!

[Note: I can pull it off.]

Price = $50.00


Sale Price! = $35.00
*If you come to the show in New Jersey on Dec 9 at Mexicali Live with your song paragraph on a piece of paper and pay with cash.