Introducing The “WORKS” Series

“Capo In The Middle” Productions
The “WORKS” Series

What is The "WORKS" series, you ask?

The “WORKS” Series - Artist will play one of their “WORKS” (Albums) in it’s entirety, front to back. We will feature two artists each month @ The NEW Green Planet on the Asbury Circle in Ocean Twp.

The purpose of this series is to allow local and regional Musicians to spotlight their work in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

The “WORKS” Series will make it’s debut in January 21st 2012 7:30PM w/
George Wirth performing “The Lights of Brigantine”
Rick Barry performing “Declaration of Codependence”

February & March shows are already booked and will include Michael Brett, Joe Harvard, Tommy Strazza and Gerald Edward (dates TBA). It’s $5 at the door. We DO NOT count heads and we do not take anything off the top. ALL THE MONEY goes directly to the artists and will be split evenly.

We are open to any "artist/album" suggestions you might have and we would LOVE to hear from you!!  Please send us the name of the  artist and the name of the album that YOU would like to see at this series. Please be sure to keep your suggestions realistic, as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones already turned us down stating they were "busy that day".

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming show

Sheli & Keith Monacchio
(Show Curators)