Geb Zurburg officially parting ways with Echofission and officially launching solo material & website

Hi Echofans,

Geb here. For any of you who have been to an Echofission show, have an Echofission album, or have ever heard one of our songs, I thank you. Your support over the last ten years was very special to me. I am moving on.

As a co-founder of the band and a member since 2001, Echofission provided a creative space and place to display the collaborative spirit and inspiration that guided the music that poured out of me and all of us. Over ten years I played many shows with and recorded four albums with Echofission. I would never trade a moment of that time for anything. I am proud of each album.

Working with the members of Echofission has taught me valuable lessons and left me with fond memories. To the members, past and present, which include Mod, John Rango, Jon Abate, Ken Sidotti, Matty Aderhold, Mike Jaskewicz, Troy Thoden, Lou Verile, Peter Duncan and Steve Weinberg, I have nothing but gratitude.

I have been moving on in a different creative direction these last few years. I have written lots of new songs and am starting a new family. With that, I am proud to announce the official launching of my website

The website will contain all of the music I have recorded with Echofission and my wife Jaymie. But the most exciting part are the three upcoming releases due out in August 2011:

1) I am finishing up my official solo album titled "Rosewood". This album is being recorded by Mod and Jon Abate of Echofission is on the drums. My wife Jaymie Gerard is can also be heard singing on many of the tracks. There is already a single for this record available on iTunes. It's called Wakewalking. You can hear it at "Rosewood" is due out August 2011.

2) I will also be releasing a collection of songs that were never previously released. Some of these songs became Echofission songs. On this collection, these songs are presented in their raw, stripped-down versions. Most of the tracks are me with a guitar and singing, that's all. It is called "Mod Sessions Retrospective 2003-2006" and is also due for an August 2011 release.

3) Finally, Jaymie and I teamed up with our friend and accomplished musician Andy Huenerberg and Mod at the controls, to record the almost-finished project called "The Burgs". Jon Abate of Echofission can be heard clanging away on the drums once again. The project's feel has a folk-bluegrass-harmonious-acoustic vibe. This side project is a refreshing departure form the mostly rock styles I tend to write and record. Lots of fun. "The Burgs" is also due for an August 2011 release.

So check out All that needs to be added to the website are the August 2011 releases. In the meantime, enjoy your Echofission albums and thank you again for all of your support over the last ten years. I appreciate it more than you know.


Geb Zurburg