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This Is Vulcan Army Booking Vol 1 (compilation) (right click and "save as")


1. The Color Bars (New York, NY) - Triple SSS
2. Hope For agoldensummer (Athens, GA) - Daniel Bloom
3. Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun (Atlanta, GA) - We Were Wild
4. Mechanical River (Charleston, SC) - Holy Hell Part 2
5. Shovels and Rope (Charleston, SC) - Keeper
6. The Winter Sounds (Nashville, TN) - Merci, Michelle Dupont
7. Andy D (Indianapolis, IN) - Alchemy of the D
8. The Bronzed Chorus (Greensboro, NC) - Are We Not Speedwagon?
9. CUSSES (Savannah, GA) - Worst Enemy
10. The Head (Atlanta, GA) - Only One
11. Allison Weiss (Brooklyn, NY) - I Was An Island
12. Hurray for the Riff Raff (New Orleans, LA) - Lookout Mama
13. Stephaniesid (Asheville, NC) - Cinematic
14. Jungol (Atlanta, GA) - Empty Tank
15. Phone Home (Brooklyn, NY) - Challenger
16. Jon Lindsay (Charlotte, NC) - Partner
17. Baby Baby (Atlanta, GA) - Haters
18. The Royal Tinfoil (Charleston, SC) - Die Already

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