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LCTRISC is the name of the twirly pipeline that connects the two heads of Adam Jonsson and Oskar Linnaeus. It's a slimy highway where twisted ideas and excessive dreams slides back and forth. An invisible kind of umbilical cord through which they simply hang out. To "simply hang out" equals making music.

The history of LCTRISC started in 2009 when an apartment in the industrial town of Borlänge was seized by the two. They didn't know each other very well at first but soon became the best of friends. They were both members of bands and everything in their daily life evolved around music. When they started writing songs together it was purely experimental. However they soon realized that they were destined to work as a duo.

Their music is diverse and will never lose it's experimental character. They presume that if their mission is to invent the perfect song, they must risk creating thousands of failures, just as Thomas Edison must have found thousands of ways to not make a lightbulb. Therefor, to LCTRISC each "failure" is also a success as it will inevitably lead up to something extraordinary.

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