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Joseph Arthur
"redemption city" (double album in 2 zip files)

Please donít take the method or the freedom of this release to be any judgment on its value. I think itís top notch, but itís great to take advantage of what the internet is actually good at - IMMEDIACY. This is the first time Iíve released something while still inhabiting its space, Iím alive in the nowness of it! Join me there or here or here and there.

Around the time I was putting out Redemptionís Son, I met Peter Beard in Montauk. Lucky enough to stay with friends at the old Andy Warhol house, where the Rolling Stones had rehearsed. A bunch of us were there partying, playing cards, trying to do yoga, but mostly partying. It was fun. (Thank you Rene and Suzy.) One night I told Peter the name of my record that was about to come out "Redemptionís Son," I said. "Too religious," he said. He was probably right but thatís what it was called, though it wasnít out yet.

The next day he said, ďI thought of a better title for you.Ē I asked, ďWhat?Ē He paused for drama and then said, ďRedemption City.Ē 911 had just happened, it was a crazy title and I instantly liked it better than ďRedemptionís SonĒ, but it was too late, that record was already on its way to stores. (thatís where we used to get music back in the day.) But I held onto that title. I made a giant painting of a city when I opened the ĎMuseum of Modern Arthurí and called it ďRedemption CityĒ but somehow its destiny is to be a title of a record. Peter Beard is a deep cat, animal blood on huge beautiful prints must awaken the favor of the gods because his will for this title has chased me down the years, and a few years ago I set about making it. The record inspired by the title. What would a city of redemption sound like? What kind of characters would inhabit it? The files for this record date back to í09 and one track further than that. I work on it, get burned out and then reopen it weeks later. I built a studio (with the help of Matt Becker) in Brooklyn to make it, and itís the only record Iíve made where Iíve done everything on it, played all the things that make all the noise, drums, bass, synths and guitars, produced it mixed it, you name it. Not that i havenít been helped. Jen Michel used to come around and listen to tracks and say, "Man, this is the record." she wanted this one out for awhile, but it wasn't ready; a few more buildings had to go up and a few more roads had to be paved. Carla Podgurecki snapped the cover photo one night on my roof overlooking the city of NYC and Merrit Jacob came in at the end of it all and helped me make final mix choices and nudged the thing along in the right direction towards home. Actually, thatís an understatement; he became the partner I needed to help find the finish. Finally, it was mastered by the great Fred Kevorkian.

It's been one hell of a process, and I hope you like it. If you do, pass it along and spread the word!

Weíve set this up so you can just have the record. You can donate, pay what you want, or nothing at all. Passing it on, spreading the word, is better than money, but records are hard to make and expensive so if you dig it, Dig in!


There is lots of interesting low-end stuff on this record so... Iím talking to you with the laptop on your chest listening to this thing, lazy in your bed and not wanting to connect it to fancy headphones or decent speakers for shame!


Part 1
Is complete as a record and for those who are generally against the idea of an artist making a double record (of which there are many) you can stop there and you have it.

Part 2
Is the deep cuts, Which would have otherwise remained on the cutting room floor or else been leaked out over time in various ways, fragmented beings with no brothers or sisters or home. I think both parts serve to strengthen the whole. They are relating to each other and breathing back and forth. They are each otherís shadow and hold hands when no one is watching. Itís true that often less is more but sometimes more is more and that is something that, in this case, will be down to taste.

With the Internet and new ways of releasing music it seems that the doors are open to broader perspectives on what's too much. Here you have both a double and a single record, depending on how you want it or your level of interest. Also it's not important (or possible!) to listen to all of it in one sitting. Take in Part 1 and then move slowly into part 2. It's a city. There are lots of avenues and side streets, Abandoned buildings and bodegas, Cars parked on the side of oblivion with cats in them. Come in and walk around.

So without further ado,

for Peter Beard and the others who helped me get here,

Welcome to

Redemption City.

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