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Forming in the summer of 2010, Vermont’s Chamberlin is ready to release their debut album, Bitter Blood on March 1st via Roll Call Records/EMI. Recorded in Burlington, VT Bitter Blood was produced by Scott Tournet of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, whom Chamberlin will be touring with from January 13th – February 12th.

Locked away in their secluded cabin in Goshen, VT (population 200), Chamberlin has written an album stained with the influence of whiskey-fueled bonfires, harsh winters, and the women that seem to run perpendicular to their lives. From the electric opening track, "Fools" – a stormy, scathing rebuke of two lovers – to the resolute, mostly a capella "Sixty Days," the nine songs on Bitter Blood are photographs, or perhaps photograms, of Chamberlin's world, with varying degrees of aperture. Despite its title, Bitter Blood is not without pleasantries. “Turn Around," the B3-laden third track, may even sound best as a drink-in-hand, late-night back porch sing-along. While first single, “Dust” (Mp3 Below), beautifully sums up their musical tenor with heavily percussive, electric guitar laden verses countered by the rim shots and acoustic drop out of the chorus.

Chamberlin hits the road this week in support of Bitter Blood, touring alongside fellow Vermonters Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, a band that has had a tremendous impact on Chamberlin’s somewhat short history. Last spring while the band was forming, Mark Daly (vocals/guitar) and Ethan West (guitar/vocals) approached Tournet about production with just a few acoustic demos recorded in their cabin.

“I didn’t think much of it at first” Tournet says, “you know, a small Vermont band. But then, I opened up the songs and listened to them and I was completely blown away.”

Shortly thereafter Tournet spent his ten “off” days of the summer with Chamberlin in Burlington, VT’s Tank Studios recording non-stop. They finished Bitter Blood in between Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s fall dates.

When it came time to make arrangements for the upcoming GPN tour, the decision to ask Chamberlin to open was a natural one. “I’m connected with these guys, and so it was a cool choice for us,” Tournet said. “Beyond that, everyone just liked the music... These guys just keep passing the test.”

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