The Mother Hips - "kiss the crystal flake"

People sometimes ask me why I review CDs. I always have the same answer, because an album moved me so much that I want to get the word out about how good the album is. A shining example of that is The Mother Hips new CD, "kiss the crystal flake". This brilliant album, from a band who describes their style of music as their, "own brand of California rock, blending a natural psychedelia with their own 21st century musicianship and songwriting. ", needs to be sought out by anyone who likes good music. Songs like, "time we had", showcase a Matthew Sweet vibe, while "no-name Darrell" reminds me of Spoon. Other tracks on the CD showcase styles ranging from The Jayhawks and Tom Petty, to a ballad, "let somebody" that would fit perfectly with 70's era Eagles. Throughout the album you can also hear lush harmonies reminiscent of the Byrds. I have been listening to the Mother Hips since their 1992 self-released album, and through a couple of albums on the major label American records, but, "kiss the crystal flame", showcases a new beginning for them. Not only their most diverse album but, in my opinion, their best. It's also the best album I've heard so far this year.