James Taylor

air date: Monday November 5, 2007

It's the end of the century and weirdness is everywhere. Carnival images are used by fast food joints, soft drink companies, basketball players, rock stars--everyone wants to be a freak. Everyone wants everyday to be a SIDESHOW!

James Taylor has been predicting this for a decade! James Taylor is the premier writer on the cutting edge of sideshow, the new vaudeville, the "other entertainment"! James Taylor is the man behind James Taylor's SHOCKED AND AMAZED! On & Off the Midway--the world's only journal devoted solely to the entertainment explosion in the weird, bizarre and unusual!

James Taylor is the planet's foremost authority on sideshow. You saw James Taylor and SHOCKED AND AMAZED! on The Learning Channel's "Sideshow: Alive on the Inside," "The Jerry Springer Show," "Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel," and Fox Television's "Fox Files."

You read about James Taylor on the front page of the "Wall Street Journal," in "Publisher's Weekly," "New York Press," and "Johns Hopkins Magazine."

You heard James Taylor on Mancow Muller's "Morning Madhouse" and NPR's "The Derek McGinty Show."

James Taylor knows sideshow and its stunning new wave of entertainers. Sword swallowers, fire eaters, regurgitators, human pin cushions, torture kings, contortionists and motordrome riders look to James Taylor's SHOCKED AND AMAZED! as the definitive source for all things strange and bizarre: All things sideshow.

James Taylor's SHOCKED AND AMAZED! views the sideshow tradition through a modern lens. SHOCKED AND AMAZED! features tell-all interviews with performers and showmen who have never been interviewed on the record. SHOCKED AND AMAZED! reports on weirdness as entertainment, features exclusive reprints on sideshow history, and reveals behind-the-scenes photos of sideshow attractions.