air date: Wednesday June 11th, 2008

SHIFT is a music & visual media project by artist Paul Tardo specializing in socially conscious pop music and imagery. SHIFT performs original electronic rock, pop and alternative music as part of a live multi-media stage show. The visuals and performances encourage the audience to examine the current world view and consider possibilities for positive change.

The music of Shift is a true product of the digital age. Working from a small studio in his rural home (which he affectionately calls Kismet Ranch) way up in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California, Paul lays down vocals and instrumental concepts. He then beams the digital files via a satellite internet uplink to his producer Orpheos Dejournette in the San Francisco Bay area. Captivating and sometimes haunting melodies, odd time signatures and a breathtaking electro-synth production style are then meticulously crafted into an infectious soundscape.