Savoir Adore

air date: Wednesday April 21st, 2010

Savoir Adore is an accident. We (Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer) never really intended to "start a band," yet ... Hi! Here we are.

Phase 1: We met at NYU, but it took two years of friendship and going to each others' shows before we decided to collaborate on something. in January 2006, we went up to Paul's childhood home in Carmel, NY (referred to from now on as "upstate") and played around in his studio, ending up with an exploratory, improvisational instrumental track. Deidre wanted to have the track, Paul decided to make a MySpace page especially for it, and as necessity is the mother of invention, we needed a name. Savoir Adore was created then, though it didn't really exist yet.

Phase 2: November 2006 - Unsatisfied with current situations, we challenged each other to a weekend upstate in which we would create and record a concept album. The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl with Animals in her Throat was born, for us and our friends. Friends passed the recording to other friends... we were encouraged... we played a few live shows under the name "Les Frogs"... we started performing as Savoir Adore... Cantora Records encouraged us more... we went upstate another weekend and recorded the core of several more songs (most of which would end up on our full-length record)... shows shows shows... got a band together... record record ... write write....

Phase 3: And now we have an LP, In The Wooded Forest (released September 2009).

Phase 4: And NOW - we're back in the studio, writing and recording...