air date: Wednesday February 20th, 2008 (in-studio guest)

Mazeffect (pronounced "MAZE-EFFECT") are Jay, Mel, and Gobo.

From Incessant Drip Records: "We're pretty much shamefully excited for some releases we have planned for the coming months, and if you'd heard them, you would be too. First off, is the amazing band MAZEFFECT from Erg-country in South Amboy, New Jersey, USA, and their outstanding new full-length album, "Horseshoes & Hand Grenades". This record comprises everything we've ever wanted this label to stand for: Smart, strange, catchy pop from some other place and time, bittersweet and blissful at the same time (and not nearly as pretentious as this wordy write up might have you think). Think early Smithereens meets "Candy Apple Gray" Husker Du meets "Don't Tell A Soul" Replacements meets Uncle Tupelo-ish dreamy alt-country, all filtered through the wide-eyed lens of punk rock youth exuberence. This is going to be making a lot of top ten lists, mark our words. This'll be out as soon as we get the artwork hashed out with the band. Watch for it!"