Eugene DeRobertis, Ph.D.
author of The Loser Magnet Handbook

air date: Thursday February 14th, 2008 (in-studio guest)

Do you find yourself constantly giving dating advice to no avail? If you get frustrated and angry with friends or family members because they just cannot seem to make a relationship work, then this book may be of value to you. Are you "romantically challenged"? Have you had so many bad relationships that you are at your wits end? Then this book will definitely be of value to you. The Loser Magnet Handbook is all about the traps that keep us "romantically challenged". The key to positive change is knowledge, and this book provides the reader with an understanding of some of the most common traps in the dating world. Concrete suggestions are made for breaking unhealthy dating patterns. This book has the power to change your life forever, because once you can identify the ways you have trapped yourself into a dysfunctional style of dating, you are then in the best position possible to change for the better. This text is essential to all those with dating woes. You do not have to select dating partners in a knee-jerk fashion anymore. The Loser Magnet Handbook gives readers the means for choosing partners in a sane, smart, and fulfilling manner.