air date: Wednesday August 12th, 2009

Law is a group of artists, progressives, heretics, atheists and apostates. The sound is heavy and melodic, featuring violin in the main accompaniment. Since 2005, Law has been playing shows and has supported some notable artists such as, kittie, Otep, 3 inches of Blood, In This Moment and others. Law released their debut EP in 2007 entitled, "Of Monkeys and Man" in line with their overtones of consciousness raising and intellectually driven concepts such as Darwin's evolution by natural selection. Law is currently working on a full-length follow up to 'of monkeys...'

As a true artist, one is always looking to cause problems that affect peopleís previously held notions and beliefs. There is a frustration however, in the artistís mind that perhaps people are too stupid or too scared to think critically and to change. Therefore, much of what we do as artists is geared towards alienating those very people before they get in over their heads. LAW, in effect, is a preemptive middle finger. Enjoy.