The Future Kings Of Nowhere

air date: Monday October 22, 2007 (in-studio guests)

Rising from the pre-apocalyptic sludge, the bad boys and girls of The Future Kings of Nowhere bring a mighty roar that cancels out the din of generation Why. Don't be fooled by the acoustic guitars, this is big noise. It's like a Fisher Price xylophone through a Marshall stack operated by an art school dropout committing a final act of brilliance in a giant industrial meat processor. Except it's catchy as hell.

Brimming with wit and energy, The Future Kings of Nowhere play acoustic pop-punk antifolk with an occasional bit of country twang. They call it acousticore. High speed acoustic guitars, double-time drumming, lush harmonies, and a slew of auxiliary instruments create a frantic backdrop for these songs of love, death, and modern day alienation. They sing with a disarming honesty that draws you in and a beat that keeps you moving. The hooks sink deep and the energy is unforgettable. One listen to their debut CD, released in June on 307 Knox Records, and you will be humming these tunes for weeks.

This is cut off all your hair, bounce around the room music. Don't be surprised if you wake up drunk after their next show, with a new tattoo and a trespassing charge, to find a Future King correcting grammatical errors in the graffiti on the jailhouse walls!