Vicky Emerson

air date: Wednesday February 27th, 2008

My name is Vicky Emerson and thank you for stopping by my page. All of the music is free for you to download and I hope you will take the tunes with you. I write and sing my own songs and feel very fortunate to make my living playing music on my keyboard and guitar. My piano lessons began at age 6 and my guitar playing began at age 26, so I guess you could say I’m a bit more advanced on the keys. I grew up in rural Wisconsin in a small town that has proclaimed themselves as the “UFO Capital of the World.” Weird, I know. Then, I attended a small college in Wisconsin for music, which was fun and I learned so much about music and music composition. However, I never really lived in a large city until now. Currently, I live in Manhattan, which was a pretty extreme change for a small town girl. I have lived here a full year and I have never found a place that is so full of wonder as this city. I play regularly at the Living Room and Kenny’s Castaways with Daniel Marcus, who is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. My albums were recorded with some amazing musicians from Minneapolis and my most recent release is self-titled because each song blossomed from a deeply personal experience. I would categorize my style of music as Americana--a blending of folk, blues and a little touch of country. I am proud to be an independent musician and I hope you enjoy my music. Thanks for listening.