Jon Bon Jovi Needs Fans Money?

Let me preface this by saying that when I was younger I was a fan of Bon Jovi. I think everyone in my school owned a copy of Slippery When Wet when it came out (I still have my vinyl copy). I even saw Bon Jovi live twice in 2000-2001 (once at the Tradewinds, and once at Giants Stadium). I’ll say this about their live show, at the Giants Stadium show they played two and a half hours, and the entire set was top 40 hits of theirs (one song was a minor top 40 hit from Richie Sambora’s solo album). While I may not be a huge fan of their music there days, few bands can play two and a half hours of hits, so I respect the band.

Or I did...I have no respect for what Jon Bon Jovi is doing to his fans right now. While he has made millions over the years from albums and touring, he is trying to take more money from fans pockets. This week it was announced that “Jon Bon Jovi & Friends” would be playing a special show at Starland Ballroom in February

It’s "special" in two ways.

1. You have to be a member Jon Bon Jovi’s fan club in order to buy tickets to the show. According to that website, an annual fan club membership is $50?!? Bit steep for a fan club, especially since the site says you fan club tickets, special access, special contests, and (get this), “Access to the Fan Club Members Only online store offering you the ability to buy limited edition merchandise and fan club exclusives not available anywhere else.” Trying to get more of your money. Nice.

2. On top of the $50 membership fee, 1 ticket for the Starland Ballroom show is $250?!?!

Does Jon not realize that we are in a recession?

Or did he lose all his money in a bad investment?

When I saw Bon Jovi at Tradewinds (a slightly smaller venue than Starland Ballroom), tickets were less than $20. Now you want people to pay $300 to see you play??? Is this a joke?

What saddens me most is there are plenty of die-hard Bon Jovi fans that will put themselves into debt by buying these outrageously priced tickets.

Shame on you Jon Bon Jovi, for someone who acts like he loves his fans asking for $300 to see you live is just appalling.

My suggestion, take the $300 and go spend it seeing 30 or more local band shows.