Itís been some 8 years since the once great rock alternative station WHTG became the watered down adult-alternative schlock of G-Rock, a station that took a big olí shit on the wonderful creativity and knowledge of the people that once made WHTG ďThe Only Station That MattersĒ.

Even when I worked for a different NJ rock station back in the 90ís, WHTG was the station I listened to. The day they changed their format was like the day WNEW (102.7 FM in NYC) became a modern rock in the 90ís (it didnít last long, for obvious reasons). Both were sad days for someone like me who loved listening to DJs who cared about what they were playing.

All too often these days, DJs just come on and tell you what youíve been listening to, make a cheesy joke or read a scripted plug for an event or product, and then itís into a commercial. Lost is the art of spending a minute or two discussing the music and the bands.

Today G-Rock changed itís format to ďtop 40 hitsĒ. To add insult to injury itís a Dial Global Hits Now! station, which means, much like the Jack was in NYC, that it is pre-programmed and broadcasts the same programming to various stations around the country, with no local DJs (or DJs at all).

I realize I should be appalled at the birth of another shitty top 40 station, but honestly I think I am relieved that once and for all G-Rock is dead. G-Rock wanted itís listeners to think it was still the old WHTG, but it wasnítÖit wasnít even close.

R.I.P. WHTG, no longer will I flip through the dial and weep about how you were turned from a mighty station to an empty (of substance and content) shell of your former self. Now I can just remember the good times.

While there are internet stations, as well as NPR and college stations that try to carry on down your path, none will ever be what you meant to me in my formative years.